K-Pop Fans Voted: These Are The 20 Current Most Handsome Rookie Idols

Who would your choice be?

Korean entertainment website Kpopmap has several ongoing polls for fans to vote on different subjects in K-Pop, and one of them is for people to pick who they believe is the most handsome rookie idol currently! With tens of thousands of votes, these are the top 20 choices at this time.

20. Yongha (WEi)

Yongha is the lead rapper and sub-vocalist of WEi, and he received 684 votes in the poll!

19. Jungwon (ENHYPEN)

Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN, and he received 846 votes in the poll!

18. Sungchan (NCT)

Sungchan is the rapper of NCT, and he received 863 votes in the poll!

17. Sunoo (ENHYPEN)

Sunoo is the vocalist and dancer of ENHYPEN, and he received 874 votes in the poll!

16. Yoshi (TREASURE)

Yoshi is the rapper and dancer of TREASURE, and he received 951 votes in the poll!

15. Woojin (GHOST9)

Woojin is the sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, and visual of GHOST9, and he received 991 votes in the poll!

14. Hangyul (BAE173)

Hangyul is the main dancer and vocalist of BAE173, and he received 1,097 votes in the poll!

13. Jake (ENHYPEN)

Jake is the vocalist, rapper, and dancer of ENHYPEN, and he received 1,363 votes in the poll!

12. Khael (MIRAE)

Khael is the main rapper, sub-vocalist, lead dancer, producer, and visual of MIRAE, and he received 1,485 votes in the poll!

11. Yubin (MIRAE)

Yubin is the sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, visual, and maknae of MIRAE, and he received 1,486 votes in the poll!

10. Junseo (WEi)

Junseo is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and maknae of WEi, and he received 1,549 votes in the poll!

9. Donghan (WEi)

Donghan is the lead vocalist and main dancer of WEi, and he received 1,727 votes in the poll!

8. Junho (DRIPPIN)

Junho is the lead vocalist, visual, center, and face of the group of DRIPPIN, and he received 1,805 votes in the poll!

7. Dongpyo (MIRAE)

Dongpyo is the lead dancer and sub-vocalist of MIRAE, and he received 1,985 votes in the poll!

6. Sunghoon (ENHYPEN)

Sunghoon is the vocalist and dancer of ENHYPEN, and he received 2,422 votes in the poll!

5. Junkyu (TREASURE)

Junkyu is the vocalist and visual of TREASURE, and he received 3,331 votes in the poll!

4. Jaehyuk (TREASURE)

Jaehyuk is the rapper and vocalist of TREASURE, and he received 3,795 votes in the poll!

3. Asahi (TREASURE)

Asahi is the vocalist and visual of TREASURE, and he received 6,854 votes in the poll!

2. Yohan (WEi)

Yohan is the center, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of WEi, and he received 9,807 votes in the poll!

1. Haruto (TREASURE)

Haruto is the main rapper and visual of TREASURE, and he received 16,042 votes in the poll!

Source: Kpopmap

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