Here Are The 5 Girl Groups Paving The Way For The 4th Generation Of K-Pop, According To Netizens

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When it comes to K-Pop, it seems like there is always an abundance of groups ready to shine in the industry. There have been some amazing girl groups from Girls’ Generation, 2ne1, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and many more throughout the years. In particular, the girl groups from the fourth generation of K-Pop have caught the attention of netizens for their visuals, talent, and stage presence.

In a recent online forum, netizens discussed some of the fourth generation idol girl groups that they think are paving the way, and here are their picks.

1. Aespa

When aespa debuted, many K-Pop fans dubbed them the “Monster Rookies.” Alongside their AI concept, it only took 51 days for their debut music video for “Black Mamba” to surpass 100 million views which meant that they were the fastest rookie group to reach that huge number of views.

With their striking visuals and undeniable talent, it is safe to say that aespa is a group to watch. They continue to break down boundaries and gain the attention of fans with their distinct style and catchy music.

| aespa_official/ Twitter


Alongside Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, netizens seem to have fallen in love with rookie group STAYC. Debuting in November 2020, the group gained attention for their upbeat songs and high-teen concepts, which showcased their youthfulness. In particular, their track “ASAP” won the hearts of fans.

Alongside their talent, fans have been enamored by the member’s charms, falling in love with each of them individually. With so much more to show, this is only the beginning for the group.

| @STAYC_Official/ Twitter

3. Weeekly

Since debuting in 2020, Weeekly has been gaining attention from netizens for their bubbly music and charming personalities. After going viral on TikTok with their track, “After School,” fans have fallen in love with their youthful charms and undeniable energy.

They have also been praised for their styling. Many believed that their looks were comfortable and suitable for a group with such young members.

| @_weeekly/ Twitter

4. Woo!ah!

Compared to the other groups, woo!ah! is less known but has shone since their debut. In particular, their track “Purple” gained attention on music shows for its uptempo rhythm, catchy lyrics, and infectious choreography.

As girl groups continue to shine, woo!ah! is definitely one to watch going forward.

| @wooah_mv/ Twitter


For many K-Pop fans, ITZY was the girl group that paved the way for fourth-generation girl groups. When they released their debut song, “DALLA DALLA,” it quickly caught the attention of fans and earned the group a series of achievements.

Since then, they have continued this momentum, releasing hit after hit and gaining attention for their visuals, talent, and charm. In only their second year, the world is their oyster and their futures bright.

| ITZYofficial/ Twitter