Rookie Girl Group’s Styling Team Gets High Praise About How They’re Dressing The Members For Stage

“They look comfortable in their clothes, which is always a pleasure to see.”

Rookie idol Weeekly‘s team of stylists is getting high praise from Korean fans…

Weeekly | @_Weeekly/Twitter

… for the cute-but-comfy stage outfits they put together for the members! A 2020 debut from Play M Entertainment, girl group Weeekly has been “put on the radar” after their catchy 2021 track “After School” went viral with TikTok challenges.

And according to Korean fans, there is something unique about the way Weeekly members have been dressed for their promotions: They’re almost always wearing pants!

Outfits for “After School.” | @_Weeekly/Twitter

Not only for “After School,” but also for all of their previous tracks like “Tag Me,” “Hello,” and “Zig Zag,” Weeekly members have rocked the sporty-chic and preppy concept…

Outfits for “Zig Zag.” | @_Weeekly/Twitter

… and these outfits have since launched an open discussion online about how relaxed the group looks on stage, at different shoots, and even behind the scenes!

Outfits for a “Fact In Star” shoot. | @_Weeekly/Twitter

While the glitz and glam is definitely a part of the K-Pop style, Korean fans claimed, the extra-mini skirts and skin tight dresses can readily be problematic for girl groups — especially during choreographies that require big movements.

Fans pointed out that for Weeekly, consisting of relatively young members with the maknae being only 16, incidents often dubbed as “wardrobe malfunctions” are even more dangerous.

Outfits for “2021 KBS Peace Concert.” | @_Weeekly/Twitter

And so, that being said, Koreans praised both the styling team and the agency for making seemingly conscientious decisions to dress the members in “street fashion” or “school looks” that run low risk of going wrong!

| theqoo
  • “These outfits are all cute.”
  • “How cute! I think it was considerate [of the stylists] to give them pants because they have a lot of choreography moves that require leaping up and down.”
  • “I’m sure pants are much more comfortable to dance in.”
  • “They’re so cute and all pretty.”
  • “Oh, I guess this is going to become their ‘thing’ now?”
  • “I love them in pants. These outfits really go with their young, preppy concept too.”
| theqoo
  • “I’m sure they’ll have plenty of chances to wear skirts once they ‘mature’ and grow out of this school-y concept. For now, I think this style fits them very well. They’re still babies. Super cute though!”
  • “The members are still super young, so I’m glad they’re not forced to expose themselves too much. They look comfortable in their clothes, which is always a pleasure to see.”
  • “I SERIOUSLY LOVE how playful and comfortable they look in these outfits. The tracksuit-style outfits are my favorite.”
  • “They’re adorable. I love how tall they are. It makes the outfits look even better.”
  • “The stylists are hard at work! These are cute outfits.”

Luckily, the group’s bright and bubbly, playful and carefree aesthetic is definitely making them stand out! While there are occasions, of course, when Weeekly slays in skirts…

Weeekly won the “Best Female Rookies” award at the 2021 First Brand Awards

— @_weeekly

… they’re adorable enough wearing whatever makes them comfortable. Besides, who could possibly resist falling in love?

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Source: THEQOO