4 K-Pop Groups That Almost Debuted With Different Songs

Group #2 cringed when thinking about what their debut song was going to be.

K-Pop groups sometimes go through near changes before their debut, and some groups have revealed that they almost debuted with different songs. Here are 4 of these groups.

1. BTS

In an interview with Vanity Fair, BTS revealed that they originally weren’t supposed to debut with “No More Dream.” The song they were supposed to debut with was called “End of the World.”

Things changed, however, as Bang Si Hyuk decided he wanted to go in a certain direction with BTS’s debut song!

At that time, PD Bang (Bang Si Hyuk) told us that because we were young kids that it would be nice to talk about issues that young kids experience. And be a representative of the youth, and that’s how this track (‘No More Dream’) was created.

— Jimin

2. Girls’ Generation

During Girls’ Generation’s 10th-anniversary fan meet, the members spoke about how they almost didn’t debut with “Into The New World.” The members shared that they didn’t like the original debut song and thought the lyrics were cringey. The members then sang some of the song’s lyrics, “I was made a princess, but I cry every night. Deja vu! Everyday! The days keep repeating themselves.” 

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Sooyoung then expressed how she was relieved that “Into The New World” was their debut song.

That almost became our debut song. If we debuted with that… Would we even have a 10 year anniversary?

I think it’s an absolute relief that ‘Into The New World’ was our debut song, and I’m so, so grateful. Thank you, SM Entertainment.

— Sooyoung


When NU’EST guested on MMTG, Ren revealed that their debut song, “FACE,” was originally meant for Son Dam Bi. JR added, “It went to Son Dam Bi and After School, but it ended up with us.

When asked if the lyrics for “FACE” remained the same when it reached NU’EST, JR shared, “No. I think it was a bit different.”


BLACKPINK debuted with their songs “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE,” but in their Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, it was revealed that they almost didn’t debut with “WHISTLE.”

BLACKPINK’s producer, Teddy Park, revealed that people in YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK’s agency) weren’t big fans of “WHISTLE.”

Despite opposition from people in the company, the BLACKPINK members knew that the song was right for them.

Last minute, we were like: it has to be the one.

— Rosé

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