5 K-Pop Groups With More Than One Leader

Having a few leaders comes in handy for these groups.

While groups like BLACKPINK and ONEUS opted not to have a leader at all, the majority of K-Pop groups have one leader at the head of the ship. Still, there are some groups that break the mold and choose to have more than one leader. Here are five groups that have two or more.


YG Entertainment‘s rookie group TREASURE is well-known for having two leaders to guide their big team of twelve members.


One of the leaders is Jihoon, who’s also an MC for Inkigayo, alongside IVE‘s Yujin and NCT‘s Sungchan. As the second-oldest member of the group, he takes his role seriously and creates a perfect balance with the other leader.


Keeping in line with the oldest member being a leader, Choi Hyunsuk is the second half of TREASURE’s leadership duo. Even though he’s the oldest, that doesn’t stop him from being a softy.

Choi Hyunsuk | @treasuremembers/Twitter


With thirteen members, it would make sense for SEVENTEEN to have a few leaders to keep everyone on track. While S.Coups is the leader for the overall group, they have subunits that each have a leader. They even have a unit for the leaders called SVT LEADERS.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Since S.Coups is part of the Hip-Hop Team with Mingyu, Vernon, and Wonwoo, it’s only natural for him to be the leader of the unit.

SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Team. | @pledis_17/Twitter

For the Vocal Team, made up of Jeonghan, DK, Seungkwan, and Joshua, the multi-talented Woozi takes the lead.

SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team.

When it comes to the Performance Team, everyone knows Hoshi is the one in charge, making sure all thirteen members are performing their best. The8, Jun, and Dino share his passion.

SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team.


Unlike the previous groups, THE BOYZ has a unique system for who leads their team. Instead of having leaders, they have representatives following the same system as class presidents.


As the oldest member, the group chose none other than Sangyeon as their “Class President.” He doesn’t have to lead the eleven members on his own, though.

Sangyeon | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

The group gave Jacob the title of the “Vice President” to lend a helping hand in leading the members.

Jacob | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

4. NCT

NCT is a group that doesn’t have a set amount of members, currently having twenty-three members. Although Taeyong is the overall leader, each group under the NCT umbrella has its own leader as well.

NCT 2021 | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

For the nine active members of NCT 127, Taeyong looks out for the members.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

When it comes to the seven members of WayV, the Chinese group is guided by Kun.

WayV | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Unlike the other NCT groups, the seven members of NCT DREAM put their own twist on leadership roles. While they call Mark the leader, Jeno is also the captain, making them an amazing duo.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

5. ONF

Similar to the other groups mentioned, ONF has two units that have different leaders taking the wheel.

ONF | @wm_on7off/Twitter

For the group’s ON Team that focuses on vocals, Hyojin is the leader. The other members are E-TION and MK.

Hyojin | @WM_ONOFF/Twitter

The OFF Team focuses on performance and delivering charisma, where J-US acts as the leader. The other members of the unit are Wyatt and U.

J-US | @WM_ONOFF/Twitter