7 Times It Was Obvious Why TREASURE’s Jihoon And Hyunsuk Were Chosen To Be The Group’s Leaders

They were doting parents in #4!

Unlike most K-Pop groups, TREASURE has two leaders who are tasked with taking care of the twelve members. Hyunsuk is the eldest member and dubbed the “mom” of the group while Jihoon is the second eldest and the “dad”. The former is known for being softer and more sensitive while the latter is firm. Both, however, are warmhearted and caring.

Fans know for a fact that they were both born to lead TREASURE. Check out some times it was obvious why they were perfect for the role below!

1. When everyone expected Jihoon to take over

When TREASURE went on a tour around Iksan in TREASURE Map Episode 8, resident Junghwan was tasked to lead the group. Concerns were immediately raised about his ability to control everyone.

The members joked that Jihoon would eventually take the lead no matter what Junghwan does.

Haruto: Jihoon can take over anytime.

Hyunsuk: Jihoon might say 30 minutes later, “Let’s go this way!” while Junghwan replies, “Yes, hyung!”

The best part was that no one denied it!

2. When Hyunsuk did his best to control Jeongwoo

It’s tough to be a mom when your child has a tendency to burst out dancing in the worst moments. Whether it was joining a game when he was already eliminated or suddenly dancing in front of reporters, Jeongwoo did it all—and Hyunsuk had to control him!

3. When they put their members first

The two leaders are both great dancers, and they didn’t skimp on helping each other out. They taught their members how to perfect the choreography of their debut song “BOY” even if it meant having less time to practice themselves.

For this choreography, I got so much help from you guys. It made me realize again, Choi Hyunsuk and Park Jihoon, I’m happy to dance between you.

— Jaehyuk

Since it had many fine details and powerful elements, it was a challenge for everyone involved.

4. When they dressed up their son

Both Jihoon and Hyunsuk took care of Jeongwoo, dressing him up on separate occasions. These small acts of kindness prove they always help each other out…even without them knowing!

5. When Jihoon secretly took care of Jaehyuk

Fans saw just how kind Jihoon was in Episode 7 of TREASURE Map. Though it wasn’t shown to viewers, Jaehyuk revealed that Jihoon took extra good care of him when they were in TREASURE B during YG TREASURE BOX.

I think ever since TREASURE BOX, you’ve been taking extra care of me. Can you tell me why?

— Jaehyuk

Jihoon had a simple response, “You remind me of my old self.” He’s the type of guy who’d help even his fellow contestants in a survival program just so they don’t suffer as much as he did in the past.

6. When Hyunsuk was everyone’s favorite hyung

Everyone took offense to Hyunsuk favoring Doyoung, the original maknae of Silver Boys and TREASURE A, when it was brought up in Weekly Idol.

Yoshi was one of the ones who wanted to be Hyunsuk’s number one love. He previously shared how he looks up to “Hyunsuk hyung” so much, he was willing to give up his prize money for the team.

Hyunsuk hyung has always been there leading the team by good example. So I wanted to be just like him.

— Yoshi

7. When they trusted each other

Finally, the two were born to be each other’s co-leader. They sat down for a one-on-one talk during an episode of “T-TALK”, complimenting the other the entire time.

I always thought this. I can’t lead the group by myself. That’s too much pressure. I’m not cut out for that part. But I gotta say, you having my back is really [great]. Because you have my back, I think to some degree, there’s less pressure to feel.

— Jihoon

Hyunsuk also only had praise for his co-leader.

Becoming the leader by myself would’ve been tough. The roles I need to assume can be divided between two people. I’m glad that person is Jihoon.

— Hyunsuk

Jihoon summarized their feelings perfectly: “I appreciate that we can give each other strength.”

When it comes to leading the group, they both know what they’re doing!

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