TREASURE’s Jeongwoo Is The Child Hyunsuk Can Barely Control

It’s hard being the mom of the group!

TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk is considered to be the mom of the group since he’s the co-leader with Jihoon, the eldest member, and an overall considerate human being.

He loves all his “children” and takes care of them well. If there’s one person whom he can hardly control, however, it’s definitely vocalist Jeongwoo!

Hyunsuk (left) and Jeongwoo (right) in an episode of “TREASURE MAP” | TREASURE/YouTube

As the second-youngest member who was born in 2004, he’s full of energy. Though Jeongwoo proved his maturity through the survival show YG TREASURE BOX and their YouTube series TREASURE MAP, he’s really just a kid at heart—and a kid that Hyunsuk always needs to look out for.

It was hard for Jeongwoo to reel in his excitement when TREASURE played musical chairs in Weekly Idol. Though he was already eliminated from the game, he couldn’t help but bulldoze his way back into the competition just to dance.

Hyunsuk needed to drag him back by the waist to the eliminated team!

Park Jeongwoo, come here!

— Hyunsuk

In another schedule, the boys posed in front of reporters…but the professional mood was ruined when Jeongwoo started jumping up and down and dancing to “My Treasure”.

Hyunsuk turned to his left and grabbed his arm, stopping the impromptu performance.

Despite all the trouble the vocalist gives him, Hyunsuk still loves Jeongwoo with all his heart. Whether it’s helping him dress up in his uniform…

…or attending his graduation, he’s the best hyung!

Source: YouTube


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