13 Genuine Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

These acts of kindness will always be remembered.

These K-Pop idols are talented performers, but they’re also wonderful human beings who care about the people around them. They have all gone out of their way to do small (and big) acts of kindness that will never be forgotten.


1. When SHINee’s Jonghyun stood up for T-ara

Back in 2012, there was an incident where proper seats weren’t arranged for T-ara at the SBS Gayo DaejunJonghyun got up and shouted at the staff on T-ara’s behalf. At the time, some fans misinterpreted the video and accused him of being rude. In truth, Jonghyun and his members were the only ones who came to T-ara’s defense. SHINee even gave the T-ara members their seats.


2. When CL saved Dara’s life during an earthquake

2NE1 was in Japan during the 2011 earthquake. During this terrifying incident, Dara (Sandara Park) ended up getting stuck on the 34th floor of a hotel. She called CL in a panic, who immediately sprang into action. CL ran up all 34 floors to rescue Dara. It was later revealed that the entire building was shaking, but nothing could get in the way of CL bringing her friend to safety.


3. When Suga secretly donated food to orphans

Back in 2014, BTS‘s Suga promised fans that he would throw them a meat party on March 9, 2018 (his birthday) if BTS became successful. Instead, Suga quietly donated 10kg packages of Hanwoo meat to 39 orphanages without telling anyone. Big Hit Entertainment only confirmed the news once detective fans uncovered Suga’s act of kindness.

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4. When Luna gave her hearing-impaired fan an unforgettable gift

f(x)‘s Luna once performed a song on Immortal Song using sign language after she received a letter from a deaf fan who loved watching her perform. The fan said that although she couldn’t hear Luna sing, she loved to watch her because of her energy and her expressions.


5. When Key reached out to a struggling fan

SHINee’s Key once reached out to a fan on Instagram who was struggling with self-harm. He sent her words of encouragement, shared his story with her, and promise to be with her through her struggles. In response, the fan promised that she would stop cutting and, a year later, shared a photo that showed the improvement she had made.


6. When Hani took care of TWICE

EXID‘s Hani received praise from fans, due to this small act of kindness. She gave the TWICE members pillows to hide their legs with during an award ceremony.


7. When Hyosung protected Jieun during a car crash

Secret‘s Hyosung risked her own already damaged limbs to save Jieun’s face from hitting glass shards after Secret’s car wreck. She also helped the other members stay calm by reassuring them that everything would be okay.


8. When Yuta spoke his mind on Abnormal Summit 

NCT‘s Yuta isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. Some idols shy away from speaking their minds, but in 2015 Yuta talked openly about gender roles while on Abnormal Summit.


9. When Seungkwan took care of the paparazzi

SEVENTEEN fans call Seungkwan an angel because his heart is full of purity and kindness. He showed just how sweet he can be when he handed out tangerines to these hardworking reporters


10. When Daewon (former MADTOWN member) helped out another band

Daewon once helped out the band Mas during the first mission on The Unit when no one else seemed to be willing to. The other contestants assumed the Mas couldn’t dance and would be easily defeated in the challenge. Daewon, who had choreographed for his own members before, taught the Mas members choreography with plenty of patience and encouragement. At the end of that mission, their group placed 4th out of 7.


12. When Nayeon comforted Yeri

TWICE’s Nayeon walked over to hug Red Velvet‘s Yeri, who was in tears after hearing IU‘s speech about SHINee’s late member, Jonghyun. The other Red Velvet members shielded Yeri and Nayeon from cameras, allowing them to grieve in private.


13. When Changsub stood up to a woman’s overprotective boyfriend

During a hidden camera prank, BTOB‘s Changsub proved that he is a true knight in shining armor. A group of female fans (all actresses) surrounded Changsub to get autographs. One fan was with her actor-boyfriend, who didn’t care for the attention his girlfriend was giving Changsub. When he started pulling her away, hurting her arm in the process, Changsub intervened. The boyfriend was so stunned that he forgot his lines!