Here Are 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When A K-Pop Idol Goes Live

#6 isn’t funny anymore.

When a K-Pop idol holds a livestream, also called a live, there are certain boundaries that should be respected. Check out the list of rules created by a K-Pop fan that everyone should follow.

1. Don’t reveal your personal information.

Asking an idol to wish you a happy birthday is not the reason your favorite idol is doing an online broadcast. Not only can revealing personal information be dangerous, it’s also unwarranted. Instead, ask the idol questions that are relevant to their own life.

2. Don’t ask for another member to appear instead.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone comment “Where’s ____” during a different member’s solo broadcast. Focus on the member who is currently there — After all, they’re the one who is taking time out of their day to connect with fans!

3. Don’t ask your idol to say your name.

Don’t waste your time, because they won’t do it. Think about it: If they did, then every fan would want their own special shoutout and who has time for that?

Oppas, my name is ___! Please call my name!!! Please don’t do this

— Text Translation

4. Don’t ask them to speak a different language.

The idol will speak in the language they feel most comfortable with, so don’t unnecessarily pressure them to try anything else.

5. Don’t give commands.

Remember, they’re just people, too!

6. The “something is behind you joke” isn’t funny.

This “joke” has run its course. Many idols have to worry about stalker fans known as sasaengs so what seems like a harmless joke may actually be a sensitive and serious subject.

Something’s behind you!! Don’t say this. It’s not funny, it only makes the situation worse, and it probably ruins the mood of those watching as well as the person suffering the situation. Please don’t do this

— Text Translation

As long as fans abide by these rules, online broadcasts can be a fun and safe space for everyone!

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