10 K-Pop Styling “Pet Peeves” That Drive Fans Bananas  

How can he see??

Hit or miss? When it comes to fashion, makeup, and hairstyles, every K-Pop fan has preferences. On Reddit, fans from various fandoms discussed their least favorite styling trends, specifically for male idols. Here are 10+ of their “pet peeves.”

1. Oversized clothing

Oversized clothing is an ongoing trend for boy groups, but not everyone loves the baggy look.

BTS’s Jin

2. Ill-Fitting Suits

Suits are a staple for male idols. When done right, suits stand out in all the best ways, but when done wrong…not so much. For example, stylists came under fire for dressing BTS in these ill-fitting suits.

BTS | The Daily Sports

3. “Super pale” foundation

Sometimes an idol’s makeup doesn’t match their natural skin tone. More often than not in these cases, the foundation is too light and contrasts with the idol’s warm undertones. One fan used SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu as an example.

4. Concealing “imperfections”

Sometimes makeup artists choose to cover freckles and moles with foundation or concealer. One fan pointed to Stray Kids‘ Felix as a prime example.

5. Dangerous haircuts

For a while, it seemed like every male idol’s hair was doubling as sunglasses. Although this “blinding” hairstyle was especially popular in the early 2010s, it can still be seen today.

Super Junior’s Sungmin

6. Thinned out eyebrows

A person’s eyebrows can completely change their appearance and overall vibe. Some stylists choose to thin out idols’ eyebrows. Fans used ATEEZ‘s Sanhwa as an example of this trend.

7. Unnatural colored contacts

Many idols wear colored contacts to match their outfits or concepts, usually for photoshoots or performances. Some fans, however, find the unnatural colors a little too…well, unnatural.

VIXX’s Ken

8. Clip-on mullets

Mullets have always been divisive haircuts, but clip-on mullets might be even more controversial! Sometimes extensions, like the ones Jungkook wore for BTS’s Winter Package, blend in well with their natural hair. Other times, the clip-ons are too noticeable, according to fans.

BTS’s Jungkook

9. “Hideous” sweaters

If you’re not a fan of sweaters with “ugly” prints, too many holes, or bizarre designs, you’re not alone.

TXT’s Yeonjun

10. Berets? Yes…but not like that.

Berets are chic accessories, but only if styled tastefully, according to some fans. Rather than hiding an idol’s hair under the beret…

Stray Kids’ Lee Know

…some fans much prefer a look with the hair showing.

Source: Reddit
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