5 K-Pop Idols Who Approved Of Concert-Goers Bringing Other Group’s Lightsticks To Their Show

Many don’t mind as long as you match the color!

A recurring discourse in the K-Pop community is whether or not it is proper etiquette to bring another artist’s lightstick to a concert.

| NUCrealityCreator/Etsy

K-Pop concerts are known for their colorful “oceans” of light made by the respective artists’ lightsticks. For example, BTS are known for their purple ocean, BLACKPINK for their pink, and GOT7 and NCT for their green.

Since lightsticks are thoughtfully custom-made for each group and intended to represent their fandom, some fans feel it’s inappropriate and even disrespectful to bring another artist’s lightstick to someone’s concert.

Lightsticks are a fun part of the K-Pop concert experience. So, fans will often bring theirs or purchase them at the venue if they are available. Yet, the lightsticks can be expensive, and since fans might belong to multiple K-Pop fandoms, they might not be able to afford every group’s lightstick. Still wanting to be part of the experience, they might bring one a lightstick of another artist’s. Besides, it’s still a great way to ensure the prevention of a “black ocean,” which is usually an organized protest of a performing artist when the audience turns off their light sticks.

Additionally, many K-Pop idols just appreciate people coming out and supporting their concerts. Some have brought attention to other fandoms, expressing their gratitude. Here are 5 that have approved of fans bringing others’ lightsticks to their shows…

1. WayV’s Xiaojun

During WayV’s Phantom fan meeting tour in Europe, Xiaojun addressed a fan that brought TWICE‘s lightstick, CANDYBONG. He good-naturedly laughed with the members and told the fan it was okay, especially since they made it green, like WayV and NCT’s.

Someone actually brought a TWICE lightstick today…(laughs) it’s okay, it was also green!

— WayV’s Xiaojun

2. GOT7’s Mark Tuan

Throughout Mark Tuan’s solo 2022 the other side North American Tour, concert-goers brought their AHGABONGs (GOT7 lightsticks). Still, some brought lightsticks for other groups, and Mark would have fun during his shows, recognizing the lightsticks, proving he was just as much a multi-fan as them.


NCT’s lightstick, NEOBONG, and TWICE’s lightstick, CANDYBONG, were spotted in the crowd of one of MAMAMOO’s concerts during their 2023 “MY CON” World Tour. Solar teased them, but Moonbyul and Hwasa especially appreciated the concert-goers for matching their lightstick color, green.

4. CIX’s Seunghun

Seunghun expressed during a live broadcast that he was amazed by all the other fandom’s lightsticks he saw in the show’s crowd.

5. TWICE’s Jihyo

When TWICE spotted other fandom’s lightsticks during their performance, Jihyo thanked them and said they did well.