4 Of The Best Drunk Stories Shared By K-Pop Idols

“I checked later, and he was sleeping holding the toilet.”

K-Pop idols sometimes honestly share drunk stories, and a lot of them are quite hilarious! Here are 4 of the best drunk stories shared by idols.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi hugging a toilet

In an episode of SVT Club, a hilarious story was shared of when Hoshi was drunk!


The8 shared that while Hoshi isn’t great at drinking, he keeps drinking if offered a drink. The8 then shared, “There was a funny episode in the past. He (Hoshi) drank a lot, and then he disappeared. I checked later, and he was sleeping holding the toilet.”

While Hoshi tried to explain himself, he kept getting teased by the members. Seungkwan told Hoshi, “You were drunk. You can’t explain it. You were drunk. What more could you say?

Hoshi eventually was able to speak on the incident.

It was after the concert in Korea. We have a lot of staff members. We have many hair and makeup artists, staff for performance and staff for our company. We did the get-together once. Regardless of drinking, I should go visit each person and say thank you.

But there were just so many staff members, and I had to drink a lot. I went only one round, and my head was going crazy. I went to the washroom, thinking that this is not good, and I fell asleep.

— Hoshi

2. BTS’s J-Hope showing love to ARMYs

In an episode of Run BTS!, BTS’s J-Hope revealed that he once posted a drunk selfie!

BTS’s J-Hope

The members were playing a game where they guessed which pair of lips belonged to which member. The members, however, struggled with one pair of lips. It was soon revealed that the pair of lips in question belonged to J-Hope! However, J-Hope didn’t recognize himself when shown the full picture and didn’t remember taking the picture.

After thinking for a few seconds, J-Hope remembered that he took the picture when he got drunk on tour!

I remember that. That was on the Japan tour when I had a couple of drinks. I think I captioned it, ‘ARMY, mwah!’

— J-Hope

3. GOT7’s Jay B needing to be carried home

In the past, some of the GOT7 members spoke about a “warm winter” where they helped Jay B (formerly known as JB), but not much was said other than this. However, in an Instagram live, Jay B was asked about this “warm winter,” and he shared the whole story!

GOT7’s Jay B

Jay B shared that the members were having some drinks together, and he got drunk. Jay B got so drunk that Jinyoung and Jackson had to carry him home!

However, there was a problem as both Jinyoung and Jackson didn’t know where Jay B lived. Not only that, but Jay B’s neighborhood is big! Due to all of this, Jinyoung and Jackson spent a lot of time trying to find Jay B’s home while also carrying him!

4. Song Ji Hyo drunk calling Super Junior’s Heechul

In an episode of KBS‘s Happy Together 3, Super Junior’s Heechul spoke about when actress Song Ji Hyo drunk called him.

Super Junior’s Heechul

Heechul once shared that he doesn’t watch SBS‘s Running Man because it’s “childish.” Heechul, however, later explained that he meant, “At times I find Running Man childish, however, because of [it’s childishness] the show appeals to both children and adults.” 

Actress Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo is a cast member of Running Man and heard about the original comment made by Heechul. One night, Song Ji Hyo called Heechul after having a few drinks and told him, “How could you say that?” Heechul then revealed on Happy Together 3 that Yoo Jae Suk, a cast member of Running Man, took his comment light-heartedly and joked about the situation.