Here Are Several K-Pop Idols and Their Adorable Animal Companions

As if idols weren’t cute and lovable enough on their own…

Even though most idols have hectic schedules and crazy lives, many of them have adopted furbabies to call their own.

Dogs seem to be the most popular type of pet for idols to have, but there are a few exceptions! Check out which idols own pets to keep them company on their time off.

1. Amber’s Jack Jack

Jack Jack is so popular that he has his own very successful Instagram account

2. Chungha’s Bambi

Both of these two are as cute as the fawn Chungha’s pup was named after!

3. DK’s Coco

Coco is DK’s family pet, and he clearly loves his baby!

4. Jennie’s Kuma and Kai

Just look at the adorable faces on these two!

5. Jisoo’s Dalgom

It seems like these two share a very close, precious bond

6. Sehun’s Vivi

Who has the prettier visuals between these two cuties?

7. Kai’s Monggu

Kai also owns two other cute dogs – Jjangah and Jjanggu!

8. Lisa’s Leo and Luca

These luxurious-looking beauties suit Lisa’s personality perfectly

9. Mark and Youngjae’s Coco

The two members claim to have joint ownership over this tiny fluffball!

10. Mina’s Ray

How could anyone not melt over that sweet face?

11. Suga’s Holly

This adorable little pup seems to hold a soft spot in Suga’s heart

12. Suho’s Byul

A handsome-looking dog for a handsome man!

13. Tzuyu’s Gucci

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is

BONUS: Yesung’s turtles

It doesn’t sound like Yesung has his turtles anymore, but he once claimed that he bought three turtles so he wouldn’t be lonely in the dorms – but even the turtles ran away from him. So sad!