Check Out The Shortest To Tallest Of 13 Second Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

There’s over 4″ of difference between the shortest and tallest!

Earlier today we looked at the shortest to tallest of several different second generation K-Pop girl groups, and now we’ll be looking over some of the most iconic second generation boy groups as well!

Block B’s Taeil

The second generation of boy groups has some of the most diverse heights of any generation, with over a 4 inch difference between the average heights of the tallest and shortest groups!

TVXQ’s Changmin

Here’s a look at 13 K-Pop boy groups from this generation from shortest to tallest average heights, based on the mean heights of their current members. Note that for disbanded groups, their last member line-up is what is being used for measurement!


Member heights:

Doojoon: 178cm

Yoseob: 168cm

Gikwang: 170cm

Dongwoon: 181cm

Average member height: 174.3cm (5’8.5″)

12. Super Junior

Member heights:

Leeteuk: 174cm

Heechul: 176cm

Yesung: 177cm

Shindong: 177cm

Sungmin: 171cm

Eunhyuk: 174cm

Siwon: 183cm

Donghae: 174cm

Ryeowook: 170cm

Kyuhyun: 178cm

Average member height: 175.4cm (5’9″)

11. Block B

Member heights:

Zico: 181cm

Taeil: 167cm

B-Bomb: 174cm

Jaehyo: 182cm

U-Kwon: 176cm

Kyung: 170cm

P.O.: 180cm

Average member height: 175.7cm (5’9″)


Member heights:

C.A.P: 178cm

Chunji: 173cm

Niel: 178cm

Ricky: 172cm

Changjo: 179cm

Average member height: 176cm (5’9.5″)


Member heights:

G-Dragon: 172cm

T.O.P: 181cm

Taeyang: 174cm

Daesung: 178cm

Average member height: 176.3cm (5’9.5″)


Member heights:

Seungho: 176cm

G.O: 177cm

Mir: 178cm

Average member height: 177cm (5’9.5″)


Member heights:

Sungkyu: 176cm

Dongwoo: 172cm

Woohyun: 173cm

Sungyeol: 183cm

L: 180cm

Sungjong: 179cm

Average member height: 177.2cm (5’10”)

6. SHINee

Member heights:

Onew: 177cm

Key: 178cm

Minho: 181cm

Taemin: 174cm

Average member height: 177.5cm (5’10”)

5. B1A4

Member heights:

CNU: 182cm

Sandeul: 175cm

Gongchan: 181cm

Average member height: 179.3cm (5’10.5″)

4. 2PM

Member heights:

Jun. K: 180cm

Nichkhun: 181cm

Taecyeon: 186cm

Wooyoung: 178cm

Junho: 177cm

Chansung: 184cm

Average member height: 181cm (5’11.5″)


Member heights:

Soohyun: 181cm

Hoon: 181cm

Jun: 185cm

Average member height: 182.3cm (6′)


Member heights:

Yonghwa: 180cm

Minhyuk: 184cm

Jungshin: 188cm

Average member height: 184cm (6′.5″)


Member heights:

Yunho: 184cm

Changmin: 186cm

Average member height: 185cm (6’1″)

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