10+ K-Pop Songs Fans Think Actually Sound Better In English

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Most K-Pop fans aren’t fans of artists’ releases in other languages. While K-Pop artists often release songs in English, Japanese, and even Spanish, their fans prefer their original Korean songs. Yet, there are a few rare exceptions.

K-Pop fan (@hwafeet on Twitter) asked others, “What are some kpop songs where the English ver is better than the original?” The tweet went viral with 523K views at the time of writing, and responses came in.

Here are 10+ K-Pop songs that might actually be better in English, according to fans…

1. “Highway To Heaven” — NCT 127

2. “Rose” — EXO’s D.O.

3. “Cupid (Twin Ver.)” — FIFTY FIFTY

4. “Play It Cool” — MONSTA X Feat. Steve Aoki

5. “Dr Feel Good” — Rania


7. “Bad Boy” — Red Velvet

8. “Love Talk” — WayV

9. “Regular” — NCT 127

10. “Lose” — WONHO

11. “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” — NCT U

12. “Cat & Dog” — TXT

13. “Cherry Bomb” — NCT 127

14. “Take Me Home” — ATEEZ

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Source: hwafeet