10+ K-Pop Songs Featured In Netflix’s “To All The Boys” K-Drama Spin-Off “XO, Kitty”

Did you catch these K-Pop hits in the background?

The anticipated spinoff of Netflix‘s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise, adapted from Jenny Han‘s novels, XO, Kitty is now officially available for streaming!

Since the show occurs mainly in Seoul, it seemed only fitting that the soundtrack includes many K-Pop hits. Yet, even the number of K-Pop songs featured in the new show surprised the cast.

XO, Kitty star Anthony Keyvan knew the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before spin-off series would feature Korean pop hits. But even the actor, who plays Kitty Song Covey’s (Anna Cathcart) best friend, Q, didn’t know the rom-com would be this K-pop heavy until he was rerecording dialogue for a few scenes long after principal photography wrapped.

“I heard parts of the scoring and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve heard this on TikTok. This is a very popular K-pop song,’ ” Keyvan tells Tudum.

— Netflix

Anna Cathcart as Kitty | Netflix

While the original film franchise included a few K-Pop songs, XO, Kitty surely exceeded our expectations. It even made K-Pop fans out of some of its stars and included a cameo from a K-Pop idol. Take a look at all the songs featured in XO, Kitty and you’ll understand why! Check out all the K-Pop songs featured in the new Netflix show below.

1. BTS – “Telepathy”

The BTS song plays in Episode 1 when Kitty arrives in Korea.


SEVENTEEN’s “HOT” plays in Episode 1 when we see Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee) for the first time.

3. BLACKPINK – “Pink Venom”

The hit BLACKPINK song plays in Episode 1.

4. SEVENTEEN – “Darl+ing”

This SEVENTEEN song plays during the party entrance of Dae (Choi Min Young).

5. Stray Kids – “VENOM”

6. Stray Kids – “MANIAC”

Both Stray Kids songs play during Episode 4 in scenes focused on Kitty’s gamer roommate.


“I CAN’T STOP ME” can be heard in Episode 4.

8. ITZY – “ICY”

The ITZY song plays in Episode 7.


Another ITZY song, “B[OO]M-BOXX,” plays in Episode 6!


MOMOLAND’s “BAAM” plays in episode 1.

11. Jeon Somi – “XOXO”

12. Jeon Somi – “What You Waiting For”

13. Jeon Somi – “DUMB DUMB”

We got not one, not two… but three songs by Somi! “What You Waiting For” is in Episode 1, “XOXO” is in Episode 2, and “DUMB DUMB” is in Episode 7.

14. Wonho – “BEST SHOT”

Wonho’s song “BEST SHOT” can be heard in Episode 5.

15. BLACKPINK – “You Never Know”

Another BLACKPINK song can be heard in Episode 2.

16. fromis_9 – “Stay This Way”

You can hear “Stay This Way” in Episode 8.

17. (G)I-DLE – “HANN (Alone in winter)”

The (G)I-DLE song plays in Episode 5.


The girl group’s song can be heard in Episode 10.

Honorable mentions

The show also features many more songs from Korean music artists that aren’t necessarily K-Pop. Other genres include Dance/Electronic, R&B, and Indie.

19. Nakwon – “Dance!”

Episode 2

20. Love X Stereo – “Deeper Than the Dark”

Episode 3

21. 88rising, BIBI – “The Weekend”

Episode 6

22. Dabin – “Smoke Signals”

Episodes 6 and 7

23. Miso – “Alone”

Episode 9

24. Park Hye Jin – “Y DON’T U”

Episode 9

25. Mona – “Run Away”

Episode 10

26. Vegyn, Soo Joo – “W8ing 4 U”

Episode 10

Did we miss any? Let us know!

Source: Netflix

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