2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Shocks Netizens With Unexpected Cameo In Netflix’s “To All The Boys” K-Drama Spin-Off “XO, Kitty”

“The most random moment ever”

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The highly anticipated spinoff of Netflix‘s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise, adapted from Jenny Han‘s novels, XO, Kitty has finally been released on the streaming service!

In the new series, the titular character Kitty (Anna Cathcart) convinced her dad, Dr. Dan Covey (John Corbett), to let her go to the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS), as not only her mom attended it, but her boyfriend Dae (Choi Min Young) does now as well. So, the majority of the TV show takes place in Seoul!

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before films previously included some of the most popular K-Pop songs. Of course, since XO, Kitty takes place mainly in Korea, they included even more iconic K-Pop songs.

Yet, viewers weren’t expecting a whole K-Pop idol to appear!

2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon, also a well-known actor, having previously played the hottest baddie in Vincenzo, made an unexpected cameo.

Taecyeon portrayed the fictional actor Ocean Park in Episode 8. His character worked with Min Ho’s (Sang Heon Lee) mom Dami on a fictional K-Drama, A Song of an Enchanted Tiger Amulet.

Taecyeon as Ocean Park | Netflix

Since Kitty’s schoolmate Madison (Jocelyn Shelfo) is Ocean Park’s fan, she convinced her principal to change a planned school ski trip to a visit to Park’s grandma’s village. Since his grandma’s garden was damaged by flooding, the KISS students visit to fix it.


Ocean Park himself showed up at the village with his grandma while the students are there. Not only did Madison fangirl at the sight of him, but Ocean Park revealed to Min Ho some shocking info.

He implied that he and Min Ho’s mom, Dami, had become more than just co-stars during the Sundance Festival. After, Park left to interact with fans and take selfies.

Netizens had no idea Taecyeon was going to be in XO, Kitty until they watched the show! It was such a pleasant surprise to see him.

| @Still_2pm/TikTok

Fans are so proud of him for making his official Netflix debut. We can’t wait for him to appear in many more big international productions!

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