Now United’s Krystian Wang Proves He’s The Most Successful BLACKPINK Lisa Fanboy From “Youth With You 3”

Here are 3 times he proved it.

Krystian Wang, a member of the international group Now United, joined iQIYI‘s Youth With You 3 earlier this year as a contestant. He has shown multiple times before and during the show that one of his favorite idols is none other than BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

| @krystianwang/Instagram

From covering her iconic crab dance from Knowing Bros to singing his own version of “WHISTLE,” he’s never kept his fanboy side a secret.

In the first episode alone, he already expressed his love for Lisa by commenting on her dance performance.

How many times had we been unsure of ourselves? I can’t believe they all disappeared at this moment.

— Krystian 

Now that the show has come to an end, it’s clear that Krystian is one of the most successful fanboys of hers! Check out some reasons why below.

1. He got a solo class from Lisa.

First up, Krystian was the only contestant who was shown having a session with Lisa by himself. Since dance classes are usually held with all the members of a team present, it was noteworthy that the BLACKPINK dancer accommodated his request.

2. She gave him personalized advice.

He sought her advice on either sticking with his current song “Domesticator” or transferring to his dream song “Bamboo” for the concept evaluation stage. Lisa gave him her honest thoughts without holding back.

To be honest, I do think you can dance ‘Bamboo’ well because it falls right into your style. But I think people wanna see you perform another song.

— Lisa

3. He was given a special album.

Finally, Krystian made everyone envious when he posted a photo of the gift he received from Lisa. Every single member of BLACKPINK signed THE ALBUM and Lisa even drew a heart beside his Chinese name Nanjun.

Thank you mentor @lalalalisa_m.

— Krystian

It was especially meaningful because Lisa originally promised to only give albums to her “Kick Back” team members. Since Krystian was not able to join the group due to the limited spots, viewers thought that he lost out on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Now they know that Lisa specially thought of him and even gave him a present that he loves!

| iQIYI/YouTube


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