Former SM Entertainment Trainee Lami Is Rumored To Be Debuting As An Actress—And It’s Exciting News For These 3 Reasons

Do you remember Lami?

The news of a certain non-celebrity’s debut is gaining attention!


Former SM Entertainment trainee Lami may not have debuted as a K-Pop idol but she still has a sizeable fanbase. Ever since she disappeared from the public’s eye, many have been waiting for a sign that she would return to the entertainment world.

On December 7, an image of her artist profile was leaked, exciting fans even more.

Read on to see more reasons why they are eagerly awaiting for her return below.

1. Lami was the face of SM Rookies

First up, Lami is arguably one of the most well known trainees in SM Entertainment. She was introduced in December 2013 and became a member of SM ROOKIES, the pre-debut team that appears in the Mickey Mouse Club. For several years, she quietly and steadily built a fanbase before leaving the company in 2020.

She gained attention very quickly for her pretty visuals and charming personality. Even labelmates who already debuted such as Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany could not help but gush over her when they first met.

2. Lami has extensive acting experience

Besides her celebrity-like appearance, Lami was also famous for acting in several K-Dramas and movies as a child.

JTBC‘s A Wife’s Credentials (2012), SBS‘s Five Fingers (2012), the thriller film Montage (2013), and more featured her in the roles of the daughter or younger version of the protagonist.

Lami in Five Fingers

In the recently leaked artist profile, her TV series and feature film history was laid out. It furthered proved that the “Kim Sung Kyung” in the header of the paper was indeed Lami.

3. Lami almost debuted in aespa

Finally, another reason why Lami’s future is greatly anticipated is because she narrowly missed out on almost certain A-list success had she stayed in the company. As a renowned SM Rookies member, she was expected to debut in aespa, the girl group that SM Entertainment formed after Red Velvet.

From left to right: aespa’s Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning | SM Entertainment

For unknown reasons, she left the company in February 2020 and instead quietly continued her school life.

Fans now hope she can reach a new level of success on her own, this time as an actress!

Read on to see the most recent time she broke the internet with her visuals.

Former SM Entertainment Trainee Lami Breaks The Internet With New Update Showing What She Looks Like Today

Source: Instiz
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