These Are The Different Types Of Relationships LE SSERAFIM’s Maknae Eunchae Has With Each Member, And They’re All Precious

“Chaewon is like my…”

LE SSERAFIM is known for having a genuinely close friendship. This was confirmed by youngest member Eunchae in an interview with Weverse Magazine where she shared her unique relationships with each member.


Check them out below!

1. Yunjin

First up, Eunchae sees Yunjin as an older sister type. They are six years apart in age and treat each other like family, joking around yet also being open with one another.

I don’t have an older sister, so I don’t know for sure, but Yunjin treats me just like an older sister would—so much so that our unit name is Sisters.

— Eunchae

| @le_sserafim/Twitter

2. Kazuha

Similar to Yunjin, the maknae considers Japanese member Kazuha a sister figure. The latter is the second youngest in the group but is still four years older than Eunchae herself.

Zuha is like a sister and a friend.

— Eunchae

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3. Sakura

Sakura, meanwhile, has a very distinct role in the group. She is the oldest member (born in 1998) and also the one with most experience as a singer. She has been in the industry for over a decade, so it is no surprise that she naturally gravitates towards guiding her fellow members, especially the youngest one.

Eunchae describes Sakura as a “mom” figure who always looks after her and makes sure she grows up well.

Kkura is like my mom!

— Eunchae

4. Chaewon

Last but certainly not the least, the maknae considers Chaewon her “goofy best friend.” According to her, their friendship is the most surprising one because she thought their introverted personalities would make them distant with each other.

Chaewon is more like my goofy best friend. She was actually the most difficult to get close with, to be honest. She’s shy too, and I wondered if we just needed to wait a little before we could open up to each other and become close, and time was indeed the answer.

— Eunchae

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They were luckily able to break the ice after spending more time with each other while preparing for their debut.

It’s more awkward to keep consciously thinking about trying to get closer with someone, but we spend a ton of time together in the practice studio, so now we mess around with each other all the time and we laugh just by looking at each other.

— Eunchae

| @le_sserafim/Twitter

Now, they’re all as close as can be!

| @le_sserafim/Twitter
Source: Weverse Magazine


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