LE SSERAFIM Went All Out While Shopping In Japan—Here Are The Adorable Things They Bought

The last item was a hit!

Japan is famous for selling tons of adorable goodies, and the LE SSERAFIM members aren’t immune to them! The “FEARLESS” singers recently visited the country for a fan event, and they made the most out of their stay.

LE SSERAFIM | @39saku_chan/Instagram

During one of their days off, they went shopping and visited a department store where they happened to see one of Sakura‘s advertisements! They were thrilled, and Sakura’s reaction was hilarious.

They then stopped by several stores and shopped to their heart’s content…which, for several members, wasn’t actually a lot. After they finished, they all met up in the car and showed off their haul. Check out the cute items the members bought below.

1. Chaewon

First to excitedly share what she bought was Chaewon, and she had the largest haul out of all the members. She purchased two brushes, one for home use and another to travel with. She also revealed her new case for her bluetooth earphones, an erasable pen, and clothes.

The cutest item she got, however, was arguably a hat that she matched with maknae Eunchae!

2. Eunchae

Speaking of Eunchae, she brought out her matching hat, which was equally as chic but in a darker color. She even let fans see how it looks like by trying it on.

Aside from a hat, she picked out an erasable pen and Kuromi scrunchie that she’ll use to tie her hair back when she washes her face.

3. Yunjin

Next, Yunjin purchased a Pochacco keychain, and she demonstrated her plans to attach it to her LE SSERAFIM bag tag.

Besides that, she had previously visited an anime store and used the draw machine, which randomly dispensed a character from the popular volleyball anime Haikyu.

4. Kazuha

Similar to Yunjin, Kazuha only bought two items: a Pochacco scrunchie and a graphic tee, which had the same design as Chaewon’s t-shirt. Chaewon therefore had matching items with the two youngest members of the group!

5. Sakura

Sakura was the last member to show off her haul. She purchased a blue t-shirt, resin charms, a Kuromi brush, and a fluffy scrunchie.

The last item she pulled out from her bag was met with lots of gushing from her members, who said, “How is this possible? It’s so cute!” It was a stuffed toy of Cinnamoroll “pretending” to be Kuromi with its hat.

Seeing all the adorable items the LE SSERAFIM members bought, it’s clear that they have great taste! Meanwhile, watch Yunjin expose her love for anime in the article below.

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