Here Are 10 Of The Best Reactions To Lee Chaeyeon’s Solo Debut “HUSH RUSH”

The cutest vampire ever??

Former IZ*ONE‘s Lee Chaeyeon has finally made her long-awaited debut with her first mini album, HUSH RUSH.

Lee Chaeyeon | @official_LCY/Twitter

Fans of the incredibly talented idol had grown increasingly concerned as there was continual silence around Lee Chaeyeon’s debut after IZ*ONE’s disbandment. But all of the fans’ worries were instantly gone when her sister, ITZY‘s Chaeryeong, indicated that fans wouldn’t have much longer to wait.

Lee Chaeyeon went all out for her solo debut, embracing a vampire concept that represented her revival in the industry. And it’s safe to say that HUSH RUSH did not disappoint.

| @official_LCY

Here are 10 of the best reactions to Lee Chaeyeon’s solo debut music video.

1. Vampire Lee Chaeyeon has come to slay us all

2. Her vocals are on repeat

3. She’s the queen of dance, even when just having fun

4. The MV setting couldn’t have been more perfect

5. Lee Chaeyeon’s lip piercing?!

6. She is always serving effortless visuals

7. No one was prepared for this look

8. Actually, no one was prepared for any of her stunning looks

9. She may be the cutest vampire ever

10. Her debut was undeniably worth the wait

What are your favorite parts of “HUSH RUSH?”

You can watch the music video here.


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