Let’s Take A Look At 5 Heart Stopping Dangerous Dance Moves

How far is too far?

K-Pop choreographies are known to be addictive and out of this world. However, there have been some instances where they got pretty dangerous. Here are 5 K-Pop dance moves that went too far.

1. BTS’s Forward Falling Move

BTS is well known for their synchronized choreographies and usually, netizens have nothing but praise for them. However, with their song “Dionysus”, it got netizens talking with this dangerous dance move. During their performances for this song, they go from being vertical to suddenly falling straight onto their palms without any chance to break the fall safely.

2. NCT 127’s Backward Falling Move

This dance move that SM Entertainment‘s boy group showcased got everyone’s heart pumping. NCT 127‘s choreograph for their song “Cherry Bomb” was incredibly catchy and fun to watch. However, there is a dance move within their choreography where half of the members fall backwards straight onto their back. Fans and netizens alike were shocked by this crazy move.

3. SHINee’s Body Hurling Move

This one is a tricky one because it definitely looks cool. As a viewer in the audience, anyone would be excited to see a performance like SHINee‘s “Everybody”. However, the particular move where the rest of the members hurl Taemin into the air is incredibly dangerous since so many things could go wrong with just this one move.

4. NCT Dream’s Hoverboard Dance

This one is different and it’s truly never been done before. The use of hoverboards within NCT Dream‘s song “Chewing Gum” was fresh and exciting. However, if you’ve ever tried to utilize a hoverboard, you know that it is quite difficult to stand on, let alone dance with. At any given moment it could go too fast, the members could run into each other, they could fall and hurt themselves all while on stage, etc. That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

5. SPEED’s Acrobatic Moves

Acrobatics and tumbling moves within K-Pop choreographies, especially in male idol choreographies have been done many times before. However, disbanded boy group SPEED really stood out from all the others for their intense member throwing move in their song “Don’t Tease Me”. A few of the members collectively come together to toss former member Sungmin into the air while he does a backflip before he lands.


Source: Jungkook Featured Image
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