These Are The Line Distributions Of All 15 Of MAMAMOO’s Main Singles… And Who Gets The Most & Least Lines

They’re all such vocal powerhouses, they all deserve the spotlight!

In a group that consists of four extremely talented performers, you’d think that MAMAMOO‘s line distribution would be pretty even. Are you right? You’ll have to find out below! The graphs display the percentage of lines that each member has in their 15 popular singles, and the last graph displays their total amount of lines in the entire set. Who do you think will come out with the highest percentage?

1. “Mr. Ambiguous”

2. “Um Oh Ah Yeh”

3. “I Miss You”

4. “Taller Than You”

5. “You’re the Best”

6. “Décalcomanie”

7. “Yes I Am”

8. “Paint Me”

9. “Starry Night”

10. “Rainy Season”

11. “Egotistic”

12. “Wind Flower”

13. “Gogobebe”

14. “Gleam”

15. “Hip”