These Are The Line Evolutions Of BLACKPINK’s Members Over Their 16 Songs

Have the girls’ lines evolved over time, or stayed about the same?

The line distributions of BLACKPINK‘s songs have already been studied, but the data collected in these graphs show their lines in a different light. The girls now have 16 songs total, including their collaborations with Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, so they’ve had plenty of time to get to know each others’ strengths and weaknesses and what kinds of songs work well for some members and not as well for others. Here are the line evolutions of all four members.


Jisoo has had the least lines overall in BLACKPINK’s songs, with her total percentage being around 19.4%. While she had a bit of a dip in lines with the songs that came out around the “DDU-DU DDU-DU” era, she has since seen an increase in her lines once again, though it was a little less with their latest comeback. “Sour Candy”‘s lines don’t count too much, since Lady Gaga had a majority of the lines in the song.


Jennie overall has had the most amount of lines in BLACKPINK’s songs, with around 27.2% of them being hers. Her lines have been pretty consistent over time, without any real dip or increase at any point in their discography. She did have a slight increase with “Forever Young” and “See U Later”, but they were more of a blip than a pattern.


Rosé has had about 27% of the total lines in BLACKPINK’s songs, giving her the second most after Jennie. Like Jennie, her lines have also stayed relatively consistent, though they do vary a bit more than the former’s. She seems to have slightly more lines now than she did in their earlier years, especially in “Hope Not”, but they dropped back down to a more “normal” amount in “How You Like That”.


At 22.9% of the total lines in BLACKPINK’s discography, Lisa has the second least amount, and also the most variation between songs. This makes sense, given that she’s the member with the most rap lines, and the amount of rapping in BLACKPINK’s songs varies a lot. For example, “Stay” was very vocal-heavy without much rapping, so she didn’t have as many lines in it. Her lines overall, though, like the other members, don’t show a distinct upward or downward trajectory, and seem overall pretty stable despite the wide variation.