These 6 Female Idols Have The Cutest Mouth Corners That Curl Upwards

#3 will make you saw “Awww” out loud.

These idols are the definition of cute with their unique facial feature. Ibkkori refers to the ends of their lips that curl upwards. Check out the 6 idols with the adorable attribute!

1. Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s up-turned lips give her a cat-like appearance that’s both soft and sassy.


2. Chungha

Chungha’s gorgeous full lips extend upwards at the corners — and it’s precious.

3. Shuhua ((G)I-DLE)

Shuhua becomes the human embodiment of the :] face when she smirks.



The pretty feature looks super cute on JooE.

5. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Once you notice Doyeon’s ibkorri, you can’t unsee it!

6. Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE)

A cute, curled smile suits Yuri’s innocent and girly image.


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