LOONA Fans Are Dying For An OT12 Comeback — These Tweets Prove It

They’re hoping that “12:00” means “OT12”.

Calling all Orbits! LOONA is coming back with their 3rd mini-album, [12:00]. The album’s name has fans crossing their fingers for an OT12 (One True 12) release featuring all of LOONA’s members.

| loonatheworld/Youtube

Is Haseul back from hiatus? These Orbits are dying to find out!

| innisfree/Tumblr

1. And the Oscar goes to…

2. The present you want vs the one you get

3. There is no other explanation!

4. They said what they said

5. One ticket to Reykjavik, please!

6. Sometimes, you just know 

7. All the pieces are coming together

8. Stock up on tissues, ASAP

9. How can you not?

10. Orbit’s infrastructure can’t handle this much stress

11. An actual representation of multi-stans right now:

Watch the teaser here: