Take A Look At These Interesting Line Distributions For All 13 Songs LOONA Released In 2020

There are some pretty clear patterns throughout the songs.

Last year, LOONA released two different albums — [#] and [12:00] — that were easily their best-selling to date. ([12:00] was their first to reach over 100k sales!)

With their best-selling year to date, fans might be curious to know how the lines were distributed among members. With a group as big as LOONA, it’s undoubtedly difficult to make sure everyone has an even amount of lines, and there are definitely some members that ended up with more than others.

Here are the line distributions for all 13 songs the group released in 2020, not including their intro songs “#” and “12:00”, as well as the total amount of lines each member had for both albums and the overall total.

(Note: Haseul was on semi-hiatus during the year for mental health reasons, which is why she is only in some of the songs.)


1. “So What”

2. “Number 1”

3. “Oh (Yes I Am)”

4. “Ding Ding Dong”

5. “365”

6. “Day and Night”

Album Total:

Most lines: Chuu (17.7%)

2nd: Heejin (14.1%)

3rd: Kim Lip (14%)

4th: Yves (8.9%)

5th: Choerry (7.7%)

6th: Jinsoul (7.6%)

7th: Hyunjin (7.4%)

8th: Olivia Hye (6%)

9th: Yeojin (4.5%)

10th: Haseul (4.3%)

11th: Vivi (4.1%)

12th: Gowon (3.7%)


1. “Why Not?”

2. “Voice”

3. “Fall Again”

4. “Universe”

5. “Hide & Seek”

6. “OOPS!”

7. “Star”

Album Total:

Most lines: Chuu (14.3%)

2nd: Kim Lip (13.8%)

3rd: Heejin (13.6%)

4th: Yves (10.1%)

5th: Choerry (9.3%)

6th: Jinsoul (9.2%)

7th: Olivia Hye (9%)

8th: Hyunjin (5.6%)

9th: Yeojin (5.5%)

10th: Vivi (4.9%)

11th: Gowon (4.6%)

Overall Total:

Most lines: Chuu (vocalist, rapper, face of the group): 16%

2nd: Heejin (dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual, center) & Kim Lip (vocalist, dancer): 13.9%

3rd: Yves (dancer, vocalist, rapper): 9.5%

4th: Choerry (rapper, dancer, vocalist): 8.5%

5th: Jinsoul (rapper, vocalist, visual): 8.4%

6th: Olivia Hye (rapper, dancer, vocalist): 7.5%

7th: Hyunjin (dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual): 6.5%

8th: Yeojin (vocalist, rapper, maknae): 5%

9th: Vivi (vocalist, rapper): 4.5%

10th: Gowon (rapper, dancer, vocalist): 4.2%

11th: Haseul (leader, vocalist, rapper): 2.2%

It’s difficult to tell why LOONA’s lines are distributed the way that they are, since there aren’t any main or lead positions, and pretty all of the members have multiple roles. Hopefully, in the future, those with fewer lines will have more chances to show their skills!