LOONA Members Reveal What Makes Them The Happiest

These are the keys to making LOONA happy.

In a recent interview, the girls from LOONA were asked what makes them happy. Aside from Orbits of course, because that is an obvious answer!

Some members shared things that make them happy, and showed that they are relatable as ever with their answers!

1. Hyunjin

Hyunjin proved that she is just like any other human and shared that laying in bed makes her happy.

2. Olivia Hye

Lots of us can relate with Olivia when she shared that getting to eat food she has been craving for is what makes her happiest!

3. Chuu

For Chuu, taking a bath in warm water while relaxing can easily make her day!

4. Heejin

Heejin admits that she finds joy in simply sitting on the couch and watching TV on her days off.

5. Gowon

Gowon shared that she is fond of taking pictures. She adds that it’s what she does in her free time.

6. Choerry

Choerry reveals that she is very into make-up and enjoys playing with her make-up and putting it on herself.

7. Vivi

Just like many of us, Vivi said that she enjoys and loves travelling very much. She specifically mentioned that she is interested in experiencing the different cultures of the places she goes to.

Orbits are glad to know that the girls find happiness in taking care of themselves, and in spending their down time relaxing, resting, and pursuing their interests.

Watch the full interview here: