5+ Times “Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” Contestant Jasmine Made Her True Feelings Obvious

In hindsight… It was obvious.

A new Korean dating show, Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap! is currently airing and recently made headlines for the brave honesty of one of the contestants.

The reality show follows the Webtoon and K-Drama Love Alarm plot, where a dating app tells users if someone within ten meters has romantic feelings for them. The eight contestants, all appearing under a nickname, get to select the two users they have feelings for in their “Love Alarm” app.

Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap! poster

During the 11th episode, one of the contestants, Jasmine, went viral for how honestly she showed her feelings.

Part of the episode showed contestant White Rose‘s turn to stand before the rest of the contestants, waiting to see if anyone would select her for a date.

White Rose | @koryodynasty/Twitter 

Although it first seemed like no one would select White Rose, Jasmine confidently walked to stand in front of her, showing that she wanted to go on a date with her.

Jasmine selecting White Rose | @koryodynasty/Twitter 

At first, viewers found Jasmine’s desire to go on a date with White Rose unexpected since she’d already been on dates with two male contestants, Deer and Tinkerbell, and told them that they were the ones she’d selected on the “Love Alarm” app. But viewers suspected it may have been a mastermind decision to get closer to White Rose all along.

| @koryodynasty/Twitter 

Now that viewers know that Jasmine wants to go on a date with White Rose, they’ve noticed that she was pretty clear about her feelings from the beginning.

Here are six times Jasmine was obvious about wanting to date White Rose.

1. When she perfectly arranged their seating

No matter what anyone said, she sat next to White Rose.

2. When she refused to fight back

Despite showing her competitive side with other contestants, Jasmine couldn’t bring herself to hit White Rose with the pillow.

3. When she cleverly made the game easier for White Rose

It’s so subtle no one noticed until now!

4. And then protected her from getting hurt

It’s a scene straight out of a K-Drama…

5. When viewers realized the hint was there from the beginning

We can’t say the show didn’t warn us.

6. Every time Jasmine looked at White Rose

Literally… Every single time.

Although no one can say what the future will hold for the two after their date, many viewers will definitely be tuning in to the next episode.

You can read more about viewers’ reactions to Jasmine’s bold move here.

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