Korean Dating Show Contestant Earns Praise For Confessing Her Feelings For A Fellow Female Contestant

Netizens are proud of her for being so open on TV.

The Korean online streaming service Wavve recently aired the reality dating program Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap! based on the webtoon and Korean drama Love Alarm.

“Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” promotional poster

The reality show follows the premise of the webtoon, which is set in a world where a dating app called “Love Alarm” has been developed that tells users if someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them.

In the reality show, the contestants can choose two users they have feelings for in their “Love Alarm” app.

“Love Alarm” K-Drama | @daebakdrama/Tumblr

There are eight contestants on Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!, each appearing under a nickname instead of their real name.

The show’s 11th episode recently went viral for an unexpected moment that occurred while contestant White Rose stood before the others, waiting to see if anyone would choose her to date.

Just as it seemed no one would make their move, contestant Jasmine confidently walked over to stand in front of White Rose, indicating she wanted to go on a date with her.

Jasmine’s move was unexpected as she had previously been on dates with male contestants Deer and Tinkerbell, telling both of them that she only chose them on the “Love Alarm” app, which fans began to suspect was a strategic move to become closer to White Rose.

The moment earned praise from netizens, who were proud of Jasmine for confidently confessing her feelings for a fellow female contestant on TV.

Historically, South Korean society has been relatively conservative in regard to LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. To this day, there are no laws in place to legally protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in South Korea. Although there has been a gradual shift toward greater acceptance in recent years, largely among the younger generations, discrimination and prejudice toward the LGBTQ+ community still exist.

Former idols and trainees confirmed an LGBTQ+ community among Korean celebrities definitely exists but shared that they often don’t come out publicly to keep their private life to themselves or for fear of public backlash.

Former K-Pop trainee Gina Maeng and former Blady member Coco | 이코코 RilacCoco/YouTube

Jasmine’s self-assured actions on Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap! earned herself a date with White Rose, who cashed in all of her hard-earned “heart cards” for a premium date night on a luxurious yacht.

Netizens loved seeing Jasmine openly expressing her feelings for White Rose and that White Rose warmly accepted those feelings.

The moment brought tears to host Hong Seok Cheon‘s eyes, as the prominent MC, actor and restauranteur became one of the first openly gay Korean celebrities when he came out in 2000 and was met with considerable backlash and hate at the time.

Hong Seok Cheon | @tonyhong1004/Instagram

There are a few episodes remaining for the reality dating series, so fans are staying tuned to see how White Rose truly feels about Jasmine and whether the two gorgeous contestants will become endgame.

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Source: SAGE Journals
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