Netizens Praise The Stunning “Bermuda Triangle” Visuals Of This Girl Group

It’s impossible to pick a favorite.

Lovelyz has three members who may instantly come to mind from the word “visual.” Check out netizens’ choices below and see if you agree!

1. Jisoo

Jisoo is known for her big eyes and deer-like visuals.

Despite having warm visuals off stage, she can easily execute a cold and serious image on stage.

2. Mijoo

Mijoo is the queen of the sexy concept.


She has cool and powerful visuals which totally contrast with her goofy and down-to-earth personality!

3. Yein


With her long hair, she can pull off an innocent and feminine image.

However, after cutting her hair, she revealed a new chic side!

| @official_lvlz8_/Instagram
| @official_lvlz8_/Instagram

Despite having their own unique styles, the three girls’ gorgeous visuals mesh together perfectly.

Even pictures from their earlier years prove they are a visual explosion when standing together.


As they have grown up, they have become even more of a visual trio.

It’s easy to understand why people’s opinions are torn when picking their favorite visual!

Source: TheQoo