These 5 Male Idols Are Seriously Sexy When They Cook According To One Top Chef

Food and visuals, who could ask for more!

When idols take the stage, they are impossibly sexy as their passion for what they’re doing always shines through. As fans, we often get to see our favorite idols passionately talk about or do something they love and it always makes us feel a little breathless.

For some idols, this other passion lies in food. With love for cooking, eating, and sharing food along with their jaw-dropping visuals, top chef and celebrity Baek Jong Won recently voted on the male idols who he thinks are the sexiest when cooking and they will certainly set your heart ablaze!


1. D.O. (EXO)

EXO’s D.O. has become famous for his passion for cooking and good food. EXO-Ls have always known that D.O. was the main cook of the group and later found out he also knows where all the good restaurants are at even in foreign countries.


D.O. has also become known for sharing all that delicious goodness. His passion for food along with the heart-fluttering vibe he gives off cooking helped him snag one of the top spots on Baek Jong Won’s list!


2. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

Including himself, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu feeds 13 people every single day. In fact, his cooking skills have even earned him a few nicknames including “Ming housewife” and “Ming chef”!


When Mingyu guest starred on Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chef King, he impressed everyone with his cooking skills that could please any crowd. Add that with his stunning visuals and it’s no wonder Baek Jong Won chose Mingyu for his list!


3. Jin (BTS)

There’s no surprise that Jin and food go hand in hand, after all, Jin has his very own eating show Eat Jin! Jin doesn’t just eat food though, he’s also a pretty skilled chef himself and has shown fans his skills on a number of occasions.


His cooking skills and passion for food mixed with his “Worldwide Handsome” visuals, well, it’s no surprise why he made it onto the list of sexy idol cooks!


4. Changmin (TVXQ)

TVXQ’s Changmin is the hidden cooking master. He knows how to make everything from gimbap to chicken with abalone. Many fans were surprised to find out what an amazing cook he appeared on MBC‘s I Live alone and revealed he’d been taking cooking classes for months!


His impressive skills made their way to Baek Jong Won who was obviously impressed. His high-level skills and his obvious jaw-dropping visuals definitely do make him one hot idol chef!


5. Key (SHINee)

Key is another idol who is known for his love of cooking. Nicknamed a “cook artisan”, Key has shown off his cooking skills on a number of variety programs and even revealed that he would make food for his significant other.


Add cooking to all of Key’s many other talents, put in some major visuals, and you’ve got yourself a very sexy idol chef!