15 Weird AF MAMAMOO Facts That New Fans Might Not Know

Misspelled tattoos, wardrobe malfunctions, and more!

Seven years have already passed since MAMAMOO‘s debut which has given them plenty of time to get into mayhem, create hilarious inside jokes, and show fans their true chaotic selves. However, if you haven’t been around from the beginning, you might have missed a few pointers. Check out the unique and interesting facts below that will fill you in on what craziness you’ve missed!

1. MAMAMOO popularized eating during a music show encore stage.

Ever since then, other idols have been known to eat and drink during their encore stage.


2. Wheein once saved Hwasa’s top from falling off mid-performance.

During a live stage, Hwasa’s shirt became untied and she had to hold it up with her hand.

Swiftly, Wheein moved in behind Hwasa, tied her top, and flawlessly sang her part!

3. MAMAMOO’s “Moobong” lightstick features a vibration function for fans with hearing disabilities.

That way, they can still feel the music!

| @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

4. MAMAMOO has shown some private things during their online broadcasts.

From purposely showing off some pink underwear…

| Online Broadcast

…to accidentally exposing a bra in the back seat!

5. They call themselves perverts all the time.

This text from Moonbyul with all of their birth months is no coincidence!

| @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter

It only makes sense that Wheein got #1.

6. People once thought Solar was from North Korea since they couldn’t find any information on her past.

However, this is not true. Her pre-debut photos were just well-hidden!

| @solarpics/Twitter

7. Wheein once got her Mom’s Latin name tattooed on her…and had the spelling corrected.

Originally, she got “Soppy” tattooed in different colors on her index finger.

| @whee_inthemood/Instagram

It wasn’t long until it was fixed to “Sophy!”

| @whee_inthemood/Instagram

8. MAMAMOO was once known as the only girl group with no haters.

The members’ immense talent, goofy and down-to-earth personalities, and overall kind aura enabled them to receive nothing but love in their early days!

9. They once let their fans design their stage outfits.

The fans asked and MAMAMOO delivered.

10. Wheein’s dimple is 2.5 cm long.

Even she was shocked at the sheer size of her dimple.

11. Hwasa once pretended to cry to get out of singing.

After returning from travelling, Hwasa was asked to sing a song at her sister’s wedding.

| STATV/YouTube

She was not in the best condition, especially for singing. Because of this, her voice couldn’t come out!

| STATV/YouTube

Instead, she pretended to cry so she wouldn’t have to sing. Quick thinking!

| STATV/YouTube

12. Solar taught Moonbyul how to rap.

Moonbyul admits it’s all thanks to Solar that she can rap.

Solar might not be an expert herself, but she always encouraged Moonbyul to give it her all which helped her teach herself!

13. When Wheein’s ankle was hurting, all of MAMAMOO took off their heels to match her.

Wheein had to wear flats because of her injury.

| @wheeinyx/Twitter

The members followed in her lead!

| @wheeinyx/Twitter

14. After just recording a song, Solar once accidentally all of their hard work.

All that was left was to press save…

…and she hit the ‘X’ button!

15. Solar gives no f***s when it comes to showing stuff on her YouTube channel, Solarsido.

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