10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Thought “F*** It!” And Showed Ridiculously Personal Things On Her YouTube Channel

She’s not like most idols.

MAMAMOO’s Solar simply doesn’t care about being private. She’s willing to share just about anything with her fans which makes them love her for her realness. Here are 10+ things that most idols won’t show you, but Solar had no probably documenting it for fans and posting it for all to see.

1. Shaving her legs and arms and discussing which razors worked best.

2. Getting her wisdom teeth removed and having novocaine injected on camera.

3. Showing the inside of her messy, packed fridge.

4. All of her private apps and everything she does on her phone.

5. Swiping through Tinder.

6. Her swollen cheek and misery post-op.

7. Her raw reaction to hate comments and her hilarious clap backs.

8. Removing all her makeup on camera and putting her bare face up to the screen.

9. Her actual weight before dieting.

10. Staying in bed all day, not changing out of her pajamas, and eating…in her bed.

11. Trying ridiculous gadgets.

12. Showing herself as soon as she wakes up at 4-something-AM for a comeback.

13. Making ridiculous TikToks.

14. Getting epically pranked by her backup dancers, staff, and Moonbyul.

MAMAMOO’s Solar Was Pranked By Her Back-Up Dancers And It’s Actually Hilarious