10+ Times MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Treated Fans Like Gold That Will Make You Fall In Love With Her

She will literally get on the ground and tie a fan’s shoe.

Hwasa of MAMAMOO‘s sweetness towards fans goes beyond fanservice: She genuinely loves and cares for each and every MooMoo. From the way she looks at them to the little things she does, you can feel the pure love radiating from her heart. Here are 10+ times she went above and beyond to make fans smile that will totally make her your bias (if she isn’t already).

1. This is what Hwasa did when a fan said their hands were cold.

2. The way she looks into each person’s eyes so sincerely. 🥺

3. She isn’t afraid to kneel on the ground to sign a fan’s cast.

4. Sitting on a fan’s lap and hugging them mid-show? No problem.

5. During her first solo fansign, she gave children the softest hugs.

6. Hwasa wanted to take off her blazer to be cold like the fans.

7. Fan: “How do I lose weight?” Hwasa: “JUST EAT!”

8. She’s down for some patty cake.

9. As if shaking the fan’s hand and taking a picture wasn’t enough, she gave her a hug, too.

10. When a fan asks her to sing, she sings.

11. Hwasa doesn’t mind bending down to tie a fan’s shoes, even in a skirt!

12. She makes every interaction an amazing experience to remember.

13. Other idols hide their face, but Hwasa gives a wave and a smile.

14. She once accepted a fan’s proposal to her at a Meet-And-Greet!

A Fan Once Proposed To MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Her Reaction Is Priceless


Source: Twitter