10 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Proved She Was A Fitness Goddess

This will inspire you to get fit ASAP.

MAMAMOO’s Solar has a slender and toned physique that takes years of hard work. Here are 10 times she proved that she puts in the work to become fitness goals!

1. She’s an avid lover of the gym.


2. Pole dancing takes an incredible amount of strength and control.

3. All of that dancing on stage keeps her fit, too.


4. Her abs are absolutely glorious.

5. Even her back doesn’t have an ounce of fat.

6. Overall, her physique is slim and toned.

7. Her arms have power!

8. Gym selfies show off both her dedication and proportions.

9. She looks amazing from head-to-toe and she knows it!

10. She reaches her fitness goals with a healthy diet, including her secret health juice recipe.

MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Secret Health Juice Recipe For Her Slim Physique


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