5 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar Actually Made Us Laugh Our Ass Off

What she did in #3 will have you wheezing.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is like the energizer bunny: She never stops. From her hysterical sense of humor, to her authentic reactions, she is constantly giving people a good laugh at her own expense. These five situations are so extra, and so Solar, that you’ll love her even more.

1. Her reaction to BTS’ Jimin walking by.

Moonbyul, Solar, and Hwasa sit together at an awards show.

Solar bows to someone walking by…

And I oop.

Error 404: Solar.exe has stopped working.

Any day where Moonbyul and Hwasa tease Solar is a good day in their books.

In the end, Solar can’t help but laugh, too. It’s okay, only everyone watching just saw that.

2. Everything about this situation.

Making my way downtown, walking slow, ‘cuz I’m a minion.

Minion suit = 1

Solar = 0

Moonbyul to the rescue! Minion Solar is saved.

…You’ve worked hard, Solar.

3. Even the way she eats is…interesting.

Here’s Solar’s step-by-step guide for how cool people eat cookies.

Step 1: Separate the cookies.

Step 2: Disguise any mistakes. You can’t let them know.

Step 3: Sacrifice your image for glory.

Step 4: ???

Step 5: Admit defeat.

4. Responding to hate comments in a very “Solar” way.

She really looks for the silver lining.

This is the confidence we all need.

Let. Them. Know. Girl. 👏

5. Her flirtatious personality knows no bounds.

“Too far” doesn’t exist in Solar’s vocabulary.

Moonbyul was not ready for the sudden attack on the heart, but it left us wheezing…and a little jealous.