Here Are Each Member Of MAMAMOO’s Best And “Not-so Best” Stage Outfits

Some looks confused fans, while others were total perfection.

Just like their song “HIP” suggests, whatever MAMAMOO wears will start a conversation. These girls slay in just about everything they put on, but just like anyone else, there may be few questionable looks here and there. Check out some of MAMAMOO’s best fashion moments as well as the outfits that made fans raise an eyebrow.

1. Hwasa


Hwasa’s iconic combination of a clear vogue top and bra with canary yellow thigh highs is exactly what dreams are made of. Plus, her top and bra combo can symbolize the bra-related controversies she’s involved in, rubbing it in haters’ faces!

Her red latex bodysuit at MAMA 2018 also showcased a signature Hwasa-style swag and confidence.


Not-so Best:

The idea of a swimsuit inside a plastic suit is something so weird and cool that it could work…but some fans thought that maybe the best thing about this outfit is Hwasa herself!

2. Solar


Solar is the definition of elegance and class in this suit and silk top with her hair tied back. What a queen!

She also owned this summery look: A teeny-tiny two-piece set with lime accessories and grapefruit hair is refreshingly adorable!

Not-so Best:

This polarizing look split fans’ opinions in half…no pun intended. Perhaps changing the black lip to a nude choice would make the whole look less “costumey” and more badass (Even though she still totally is)!

3. Wheein


Wheein came to slay in this embellished suit and shoulder-length dark hair. It’s the perfect blend of sexy and cool!

This biker chick baddie look also does her justice! Wheein + Bangs + Latex = Perfection.

Not-so Best:

There isn’t much that Wheein can’t pull off, but out of all of her stage outfits, this one is a bit underwhelming.

4. Moonbyul


Moonbyul was on a mission to capture fangirls’ hearts with this girl crush suit and choker.


She looked like a work of art in this edgy fit!

Not-so Best:

From the long coattails of the leather jacket to the too-tall fishnet socks, something doesn’t quite flow right.


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