The Rarest MBTI Types In Korea—And The K-Pop Idols Who Have Them

Where does your bias fall on the list?

A person’s MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) type can give insight into their true personality. Specifically, the test has taken over Korea and it has become extremely common to assess things based on your MBTI type. Check out all of the MBTI types below, listed from least to most rare in Korea, and their corresponding K-Pop idols with that personality type!

16. ISFJ (22%)

ISFJ is Korea’s most popular MBTI type at 22% of the population. SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and TWICE‘s Dahyun share this common type.

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

15. ESFJ (16%)

Though not as common as the ISFJ in Korea, ESFJs make up 16% of the population. K-Pop idols you might recognize with this type include ITZY‘s Yeji and Stray KidsFelix.

Felix (Stray Kids)

14. ISTJ (13%)

ISTJs like Twice‘s Tzuyu and Red Velvet‘s Irene are reserved, practical, and quiet. However, they are quite popular in Korea.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

13. INFJ (11%)

INFJs are the most rare personality type in the world, but in Korea, they are the 4th most popular MBTI type. BTS‘s J-Hope and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang share this deep and driven personality.

J-Hope (BTS)

12. ENFJ (6%)

ENFJs may be considered the beginning of the more rare personality types in Korea, occupying only 6% of the population. TXT‘s Beomgyu and Stray KidsBang Chan are examples of this personality type.

Beomgyu (TXT)

11. INTJ (5%)

Known for being efficient, ambitious, and analytical, ITZY’s Ryujin and CRAVITY’s Jungmo are some of the more well-known INTJs of K-Pop.

Ryujin (ITZY)

10. INFP (5%)

BTS‘s V and IU share this dreamy and imaginative personality type. You might even consider them romantics!


9. INTP (4%)

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and BTOB’s Hyunsik are INTPs who deal with things rationally and logically instead of emotionally.

Soyeon [(G)I-DLE]

8. ESTJ (3%)

At only 3% of Korea’s population, GOT7‘s BamBam and NewJeansMinji are rare ESTJs.

BamBam (GOT7)

7. ISTP (3%)

LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon and BTS‘s Suga are ISTPs who like to take action.


6. ENFP (3%)

It’s no surprise that NewJeansDanielle and LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha are enthusiastic and charming ENFPs!

Danielle (NewJeans)

5. ISFP (3%)

ISFPs are the 5th most rare personality type in Korea. Idols including aespa‘s Winter and EXO‘s Baekhyun share this type.

Winter (aespa)

4. ESFP (2%)

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki are ESFPs who make up only 2% of Korea!

Jang Wonyoung (IVE)

3. ENTJ (2%)

ENTJs are social butterflies like TREASURE‘s Jihoon and The Boyz‘s Juyeon. However, they are quite rare in Korea.

Juyeon (The Boyz)

2. ESTP (1%)

BTS‘s Jimin and TXT‘s Taehyun are rare ESTPs who make up only 1% of Korea’s population.

Jimin (BTS)

1. ENTP (0.3%)

ENTP is the most rare personality type in Korea and makes up only 0.3% of the population! NCT‘s Johnny and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk share this extremely rare type.

Johnny (NCT)
Source: theqoo