Meet The Future Of YG Entertainment’s Rap—TREASURE’s Talented Rap Line

#2 is only 16 years old!

YG Entertainment released the concept trailer for their first boy group since iKON, TREASURE, on July 20. After years of waiting, fans were finally treated to their official debut date: August 7.

To hype up their debut, it’s time to get to know the members in closer detail! One of YG Entertainment’s strengths is undoubtedly their rappers. When it comes to TREASURE, they live up to this legacy with three members. Check them out below!

1. Choi Hyunsuk

Hyunsuk is the multi-talented leader, rapper, and dancer of the group. He showed off his rap skills when he joined MIXNINE in 2017-2018, killing it with songs like EPIK HIGH‘s “Born Hater”, Taeyang‘s “Ringa Linga”, and “Super Freak”.

He is a high-toned rapper that can easily energize everyone in the room. Thanks to his years of training in YG Entertainment, he has the ability to write his own lyrics and freestyle.

In his rap battle with Junhyuk during the elimination round of YG Treasure Box, listeners were awed at their skills and chemistry.

This was not an elimination round, it was a final performance!

— Yang Hyun Suk

2. Haruto

Haruto is one of the youngest members in TREASURE considering he was born in 2004. He’s also part of their visual line, making it hard to look away from him when he’s on stage.

He’s TREASURE’s only low-toned rapper, and his voice can captivate anyone right away.

Haruto showed off his skills since the second episode of YG Treasure Box to the praise of Yang Hyun Suk. He also proved himself in performances like “Oh Yeah”, “DNA”, and “Hit Me”.

3. Yoshinori

Finally, Yoshinori or Yoshi is the second Japanese member in the rap line as well as the other high-toned rapper. While he originally didn’t make the final lineup, the company added him to Magnum (later simply TREASURE) after the show ended.

Dedicated fans will have seen his unaired performance with former TREASURE member Ha Yoonbin which showed off his great flow.

Fans are excited to see more of his skills in the future!

While these three are the dedicated rappers of TREASURE, other members like Mashiho, Yedam, Jaehyuk, and more can also rap. They’re a multi-talented group who will secure YG Entertainment’s future!

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