Meet The Supporting Actor Who Has Most Likely Starred In Many Of Your Favorite K-Dramas

Which K-Drama do you recognize him from?

While big-name actors get lots of attention for their K-Drama appearances, actors in smaller roles are talented and deserving of attention, too. Actors who play small roles often grab viewers’ attention for their ability to show off their hilarious antics and emotional depth in just a few scenes. One actor, in particular, has managed to capture viewers’ hearts in practically every drama he’s ever appeared in!

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Meet Kim Won Hae!

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You may recognize him as Master Woo Reuk from Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.

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Maybe you recognize him as Kim Kwang Bok and Oh Dol Byung from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

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You might also remember him as Park Gyu Ho, the corrupt mayor from Hotel Del Luna.

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Maybe you saw him as Nam Do San’s father in Start-Up.

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You might also recognize him as the bartender from Run On.

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Or maybe you saw him as a magazine editor in his latest K-Drama, Monthly Magazine Home.

Apart from these recent popular K-Dramas, Kim Won Hae has appeared in numerous other K-Dramas like Reply 1994, Misaeng, While You Were SleepingHe Is Psychometric, and Youth Of May. He was born in 1969 and started his career in 1998, and he already has over 50 acting credits!

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Although most fans know him for his excellent comedic timing and hilarious facial expressions, Kim Won Hae’s also known for bringing a heightened emotional depth to his characters in melodramatic scenes that contrasts with their funny scenes.

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Kim Won Hae’s excellent acting has earned him some awards, too! He won the Bonsang (main prize) at the 2016 Scene Stealer Festival, and he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in While You Were Sleeping at the 2017 SBS Drama Awards. He also won Best Supporting Actor for his roles in The Ghost Detective and Are You Human? at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards.

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