Meet The Supporting Actress Who Stars In SEVEN Of The Most Recent Hit K-Dramas

Do you recognize her?

While big name actors are gaining national acclaim, actors in smaller roles are also talented and deserving of attention. One actress in particular has made it to not one, not two, not three, but seven of 2019-2020’s biggest K-Dramas.

Meet Kim Sunyoung!

You may know her as Eum So-Hye from Her Private Life

Seo Young-ah from Romance is a Bonus Book

Soon Songhee from At Eighteen

Gye Sunja from Vagabond

Park Chansook from Where the Camellias Bloom

Ik-Joon‘s patient from Hospital Playlist

…and most famously, Na Wolsook from Crash Landing on You.

Besides these recent popular dramas, she already has a full repertoire of supporting roles that include Reply 1988 and the film Herstory.

Kim Sunyoung (back row, third from the left) in “Reply 1988”

She was born on April 10, 1976 (44 years old) and she already has over forty acting credits under her name.

She is known for her comedic timing and the emotional depth she can give her characters.

Fans definitely recognize her!

Her commendable acting was acknowledged in the 56th Baeksang Awards as she won “Best Supporting Actress”.

Source: AsianWiki

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