Meet “The Wooks”: Your New Favorite Korean Actors… And Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Them

Which “Wook” is your bias?

In the K-Pop world, fans come up with fancy nicknames for “subunits” — or smaller pairings of members within a group, based on personalities, visuals, or any other common grounds. That being said, K-Drama fans have grouped these five actors and since dubbed them “The Wooks”. As obvious as the subunit nickname gives it away, these actors share the same syllable “Wook” in their names. But of course, the Wooks have so much more in common. They’re all extremely good-looking. They’re all incredibly talented actors. And they’re now your new favorite actors — we know! Here is everything you need to know about the Wooks.

1. Lee Dong Wook, the Role-Model Hyung

Actor Lee Dong Wook, born 1981, debuted in 1999 after appearing in one of the many short acts featured on the TV program Bestseller Theater. This opportunity actually came after Lee Dong Wook took home the grand prize at the 1999 V-NESS Brand Model Contest. Lee Dong Wook only participated in this contest because his acting school instructor had secretly submitted an application on his behalf. Since then, he has portrayed a countless number of roles — all of which are unique and irreplaceable. Over the decades of his career-building in the industry, Lee Dong Wook has come to be well known for his “perfectionist” tendencies.

2. Kim Dong Wook, the Shy One

Actor Kim Dong Wook, born 1983, debuted in 2004 in a short LGBT movie A Crimson Mark. Avid K-Drama fans may recall Kim Dong Wook’s appearance in 2007’s sensational hit Coffee Prince — but Kim Dong Wook’s peak came when in 2017 he took on the role of Kim Su Hong in the blockbuster K-Movie Along with the Gods. Aside from acting, Kim Dong Wook likes to go scuba diving. In fact, he is a licensed instructor. He does not have any social media accounts, because — as he quoted, “It is embarrassing to take pictures and share them online” for him.

3. Kim Jae Wook, the Dangerously Sexy

Actor Kim Jae Wook, born 1983, debuted in 2002 through a K-Drama Ruler of Your Own World. Kim Jae Wook lived in Japan where his foreign correspondent father had been dispatched for the first seven years of his life — until he returned to Korea to start elementary school. His fluency in both Japanese and Korean languages has inevitably helped him land roles that have Japanese lines. He rose to stardom also in 2007’s Coffee Prince. One of his best friends includes actor Ju Ji Hoon, with whom Kim Jae Wook lived for seven months while hunting for a new place.

4. Ji Chang Wook, the Sweet Bias-wrecker

Actor Ji Chang Wook, born 1987, debuted in 2008 with an indie film Sleeping Beauty. He became more recognized for his role of Donghae in 2010’s K-Drama Smile Again. It was in his senior year of high school that he decided to pursue a career in acting. His parent strongly opposed this choice, but he eventually applied and got accepted to Dankook University to study acting. Ji Chang Wook boasts an amazing voice too, which he frequently showcases in his musical theater roles. He is a proud fur parent to a Bedlington Terrior named Kkoma (Little One).

5. Lee Jae Wook, the Hotshot Maknae

Rookie Lee Jae Wook, born 1998, debuted in 2018 as Marco in Memories of the Alhambra. He began studying acting at Chungang University in 2018 — and his very first audition was for Memories of the Alhambra. When he passed the audition, Lee Jae Wook intrigued his co-star Hyun Bin‘s agency VAST Entertainment‘s casting associate. This eventually led to him signing with VAST Entertainment as well. Since then, he has been expanding his filmography rapidly. Lee Jae Wook likes to cook, some of his best dishes being pasta and steak. He even took classes to learn how to cook. His other hobby includes skiing.

Source: THEQOO and NamuWiki

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