4 Misconceptions About BTS’s Suga That Need To Stop Immediately

Suga is much more complex than many people realize.

BTS‘s Suga is an all-around amazing person!

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

When new fans join the fandom, they’re often met with common misconceptions about Suga, but there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Here are 4 misconceptions about Suga that we need to put an end to ASAP.

1. He’s cold

Suga is laidback and calm, but some people assume his chill, quiet personality means he’s unfriendly.

Suga is an introvert, so he is a bit more on the quiet side than some of the other members. However, that doesn’t mean he’s rude or mean. He’s often spotted taking care of the members without calling attention to what he’s doing, cooking for the members, and giving them advice when they need it. Although he keeps to himself at times, Suga is incredibly kind. It’s no wonder the members love spending time with him!

2. He doesn’t have a sense of humor

Because he’s quiet, some people assume Suga doesn’t have a sense of humor and that he’s not funny. However, ARMY knows that Suga is absolutely hilarious!

Although he’s quiet, Suga often chimes in with an unexpected joke or funny comment when the members are talking or doing interviews. He also does adorable funny dances at concerts and jokes around with ARMYs. He’s much funnier than many people give him credit for!

3. He’s only good at rapping

Suga is an incredible rapper, but he has much more to offer than his rap skills!

He’s also an incredible songwriter and producer. He’s created many songs for BTS, himself as Agust D, and for other artists, too. Each of his songs is filled with meaningful lyrics and complex beats. He’s definitely not exaggerating when he calls himself a musical genius!

Suga is also a super underrated dancer! He’s got sharp, clean dance lines, and he truly makes each choreography his own. Just look at him in the center of the “ON” dance break if you need proof of his dance skills!

4. He’s lazy

Suga definitely knows when to rest and relax, but that doesn’t mean he’s lazy!

Suga once joked that he wanted to be reborn as a stone in his next life, but some people have taken the joke too far and wrongfully assumed that he is super lazy and inactive. However, in actuality, Suga has tons of energy! He works out, dances around, spends long nights in the studio, and loves to do his infamous wiggle. Of course, he has his couch potato moments like anyone else, but who doesn’t? To write Suga off as lazy is to ignore the most fun-loving aspects of his personality and to dismiss all the hard work he has put into mastering his craft.


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