10+ Moments From “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast’s Valentine’s Day Live Broadcast

Besties forever!

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Some of the Single’s Inferno 2 cast, including Lee Nadine, Kim Se Jun, Kim Han Bin, and Choi Jong Woo went live on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, and Lee So E appeared in the comments section. Check out 10+ moments in no particular moment that you need to see…

1. The return of Jurassic World 

2. Se Jun greeting his “friends”

3. So E low-key predicting Se Jun’s “simple meal”

4. Se Jun being every mom’s favorite

5. Valentine vs. Volunteer

6. Jong Woo’s mom’s cameo

7. Se Jun has a Valentine?

8. Nadine being a multi-task queen

9. Se Jun debut when?

10. The sibling vibes are strong with these two.

11. Kim Jin Young has eyes for Nadine only…

12. The “love triangle” lives on.

Check out moments from previous live broadcasts below.

10+ Moments From “Single’s Inferno 2” Cast’s Instagram Lives That Everyone Needs To See

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