Here’s How Much BLACKPINK’s Outfits In “Lovesick Girls” Cost

They’re gorgeous!

BLACKPINK came back to the music scene in full force with their title track “Lovesick Girls”. Not only was the music video as stunning as ever, but so were their outfits. Each member had on clothes that matched them perfectly.

Check out how much you need to buy Jennie‘s, Rosé‘s, and Lisa‘s styles below!

1. Jennie

To begin the list is none other than Jennie! Under her striped blazer, she donned a shirt from R13 called the Velvet Underground Lips Boy T. It costs $225 USD.

| R13 

2. Rosé

Next up, Rosé wore an R13 Elvis Mugshot Boy T Shirt that retails for $225 USD.

| Nordstrom

Without a doubt, she looked amazing in it.


3. Lisa


Lisa, meanwhile, wore an Alexander Wang Padded Track Jacket that costs $650 USD.

| Alexander Wang

She overlaid her shirt with an Area Embellished Butterfly Net Top that is sold for an eye-watering $1,150 USD.

Check out their full music video below!


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