CEO Of SM Entertainment Reveals Red Velvet Irene’s Future Plans Following Bad Attitude Controversy

“Red Velvet faced a controversy recently.” — CEO Lee Sung Soo

Super Junior’s Siwon Reveals Who He Thinks Will Be The New “Face” Of SM Entertainment

You just might agree with who he has in mind!

Lee Soo Man Responds To Park Jin Young’s Claim That He Disqualified Him At An SM Audition

A “feud” between the producers of SM and JYP.

MAMAMOO Members Reveal Their Devastating Health Conditions On Television

Each member has multiple health concerns.

Here’s A Closer Look At Director Jungkook’s Genius Captured In The “Life Goes On” MV

Congrats to Jungkook for his director debut!

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5 Moments Between BTS And Bang Si Hyuk That Will Warm Your Heart

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BTS Couldn’t Help But Mess Up Suga’s Cardboard Cut-Out, And Suga Had The Best Response

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5+ K-Pop Idols Who Ran Into Heartbreaking Situations Before They Debuted

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BTS’s Jimin Once Bled Through This Pair Of Pants … And He’s Still Using It To This Very Day

He patched it up!

WINNER’s Seungyoon Shares Why BLACKPINK Felt “Mysterious” When They Were Trainees

Seungyoon was quite curious when he was a trainee.

BTS’s V Couldn’t Contain His Excitement After Finding The Reporter That Was Talking To Him

How can someone be cute, sexy, and charismatic all at once?

STAYC Reveals Past Potential Group Names They Could Have Been And Shocks Fans

Potential name #3 seems very interesting.

BTS’s Suga Got His Revenge By Pulling The Biggest Prank On 20,000 ARMY

Min Yoongi gets his revenge… 

A Fan Showed SEVENTEEN’s Jun A Video Of His Close Friend, NCT’s Chenle Doing Aegyo – Here’s How He Reacted

Chenle replied as well!

Here’s What BTS Actually Thinks About During Fan Meetings… Probably At Least

BTS’s innermost thoughts… Sort of.

K-Pop Make-Up Artists Compare Music Show Stage Lighting Conditions And How They Affect The Idols

Lighting makes all the difference!

5 Touching Times BTS Brought Suga With Them When He Couldn’t Make It Himself

They’re best friends.

NIve Reveals Behind Story Of How BTS’s “Blue & Grey” Was Made

They hoped that listeners would find hope even in the gloom.

Korean Netizens Are Falling For aespa’s Karina – Her Doll-Like Visuals Are No Joke

She’s a doll.

BTS’s V Discourages Fans From Posting “Bizarre” BTS Photos

He voiced his opinion.

BTS’s V Accidentally Fell, But Jin Was Right There To Make Sure He Was Okay

Jin’s kind personality once again on display!

BTS’s Jungkook Fixed A Habit In Just 3 Days For His Fans

Old habits are hard to break but not for Jungkook!

Former EXO’s Tao Confesses Feelings For “A Female Celebrity” On Live Stream – Fans Speculate That It Is IU

He even DMed her.

Former Flight Attendant Dishes On Rude Behavior Of Certain Idols On Board

“They suck on peanuts and spit it out of their mouths to people in front of them.”