HYBE Drops Major Update For NewJeans’ Upcoming Comeback

Fans have been concerned about the comeback.

HYBE has stated it would do its best to support NewJeans in their upcoming comeback.

newjeans teaser
NewJeans | ADOR

On April 24, HYBE stated that the K-Pop supergroup’s comeback would go on as planned.

There have yet to be any changes to the comeback schedule. HYBE will do its best to support the artists.


The news comes as a relief for fans who have been concerned about the group’s upcoming comeback amid ADOR and HYBE’s power struggle.

Meanwhile, Dispatch recently revealed that ADOR had paid back the cost of training to Source Music, dispelling allegations that it hadn’t. You can read more in the link below.

Dispatch Reports That Min Hee Jin Paid Back Training Costs For NewJeans’ Members To Source Music

Source: 10asia
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