Here’s What We Know About The 10 Siblings Of NCT 127’s Members

Some are more well-known than others!

Some K-Pop idols keep fairly quiet about their siblings and families, and rightfully so, if their family members want to keep privacy in their lives and not be brought into the spotlight. Most idols, however, will usually bring up at some point whether or not they do have any siblings or if they’re an only child, and NCT 127 is no exception! Here’s what we know about the 10 (maybe 11?) siblings of the group’s members.

1. Taeil

Taeil, the oldest member of NCT as a whole, has one younger sister! She’s three years younger than him, and they seem to have a cute and playful relationship together, though it sounds like things were difficult sometimes when Taeil’s idol schedule kept him too busy to see her or his family.

2. Johnny

Johnny is one of NCT 127’s members that doesn’t have any siblings!

3. Taeyong

Taeyong is one of the members of NCT that has an older sister. He hasn’t said how much older she is or her name, but she was married not too long ago, and Johnny attending the ceremony along with Taeyong! It sounds like his sister has a soft spot for Johnny, based on this clip.

4. Yuta

Yuta has both an older and a younger sister in his family! His older sister, Momoka, was born in 1994, while his younger sister, Haruna, was born in 2000, making them 1 year older and 5 years younger than Yuta, who was born in 1995! Yuta once called his family when NCT was in Osaka, and Momoka spoke for a while and showed off her Korean skills.

5. Doyoung

Doyoung is one of two members that has one older brother, and his sibling, Gong Myung, is quite the celebrity himself! Born on May 26, 1994, Gong Myung is about two years older than Doyoung, and is an actor as well as a former member of 5urprise, an actor-idol group comprised of 5 members who were also actors.

Doyung and Gong Myung

He has starred in several movies, television shows, web dramas, and even some music videos! It’s pretty obvious that talent and good looks run in their family.

6. Jaehyun

Jaehyun is another member of NCT 127 that is an only child!

7. WinWin

Sisters seem to be more common than brothers in NCT 127, and WinWin has an older one! She’s quite a bit older than him, born in 1985 (while he was born in 1997), and she was reportedly born in and at one point was (and possible still is) living in New Zealand.

8. Jungwoo

There’s conflicting evidence whether Jungwoo is an only child, or if he has an older sister. Neither has been 100% confirmed!

9. Mark

Mark is the second member of NCT 127 that has an older brother in his family! Interestingly, his brother was apparently the one that wanted to audition for SM Entertainment and Mark followed him to the audition. His older brother didn’t pass the audition while Mark, of course, did! Mark says that his brother is now attending college, which is an accomplishment in itself.

10. Haechan

Haechan has two younger brothers, as well as a sister! It was once rumored that she was his fraternal twin, but he has since denied this, and she’s younger than him. His brothers were born in 2002 and 2007, making them 2 years and 7 years younger than Haechan, but his sister’s birth year is not known. It sounds like the four of them are very close and loving with each other!